The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living

Maria Ångerman

Inspired by Margaret Duras’ play Agatha, juxtaposing images of humans to those of animals, the film is a cinematic meditation on loss of control. Built around three disparate scenes, it sets up a sense of disorientation to heighten the possibility of inhabiting a different perspective.

Production Year
Original Title
The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living
Finnish Title

Kuolleet kävelevät rinnakkain elossa olevien kanssa

English Title

The Dead Walk Side by Side with the Living

Production Countries
Maria Ångerman (Author), Maria Ångerman (Cinematographer), Siska (Cinematographer), Maria Ångerman (Director), Collantes Pedro (Editor), Lars Späth (Editor), Maria Ångerman (Script), Sergio González (Sound Design), Marc Lizier (Sound Design), Anne Thieme (Actor), Thomas Gerber (Actor), Teo Rizman (Color Grading), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), Taiteen edistämiskeskus / Pohjanmaa (Funder), Netherlands Film Academy (Funder), Taiteen edistämiskeskus / Mediataide (Funder), V. W. Drygsbäcks stiftelse (Funder), Miha Erman (Sound Recording)
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Maria Ångerman's work encompasses a range of media, from drawing and animation to participative projects, but has recently focused mainly on film. Central to this body of work is a sensitivity to personal engagement and the fragility of intimate moments in alienating public environments. In 2014 she obtained an MA at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Previously she worked several years in Barcelona, where she exhibited extensively. Her work has also been shown mainly in northern Europe as well as in Brazil and Turkey. Currently Ångerman is based in Berlin and Vaasa.