Tango Lesson

Saloranta Elina

A woman and a man dance Argentinean tango. The camera focuses on the body parts that are in contact: chest, shoulders, and arms. In the end it is shown that the woman is pregnant. The soundtrack is at first dominated by the sounds of the tango lesson: the music and the buzz of conversation. Then the music is changed into a hum that resembles the whir of the vacuum cleaner. One can distinguish heartbeat played by udu drum. The work is an attempt to imagine how a baby would experience the dance inside the womb.

Production Year
Original Title
Tango Lesson
Finnish Title
Tango Lesson
English Title
Tango Lesson
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Elina Saloranta (Author), Elina Saloranta (Director), Klaus Eisenlohr (Camera), Jorma Hinkka (Graphics), Tatu Virtamo (Sound Design)
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Elina Saloranta

Born: 1968

Elina Saloranta is a Helsinki-based artist, who works mainly with the moving image. In her doctoral thesis Genre pictures and experiments in writing, she explored the interaction between image, word and sound, and in her postdoc research she engages in correspondence with the past. Saloranta is also known for her photographic work Nun, which was shown in the ARS 2011 exhibition in Kiasma. She studied film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA 2001), and her video pieces have been shown in festivals like Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, Love & Anarchy (Helsinki International Film Festival) and Oberhausen Film Festival (2006).