Art as Problematic Waste

Aimo Hyvärinen

There are artists in each city, country - even in each village. There are art collectors, art galleries and art museums as well. We all are tied with the destinies of artworks. This film follows some stories and problems related to artworks

Production Year
Original Title
Taideteos ongelmana
Finnish Title

Taideteos ongelmana

English Title

Art as Problematic Waste

Production Countries
Finland,United Kingdom
Aimo Hyvärinen (Author), David Chapman (Cinematographer), Pais Guilherme (Cinematographer), Aimo Hyvärinen (Cinematographer), Jared Schiller (Cinematographer), Rishabh Shrivastav (Cinematographer), David Chapman (Composer), David Chapman (Director), Aimo Hyvärinen (Editor), HiQ visual oy (Producer), Aimo Hyvärinen (Script), David Chapman (Script), David Chapman (Sound Design), Aimo Hyvärinen (Director), TAIKE (Funder), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), University of East London (Funder)
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Aimo Hyvärinen (b. 1952 in Keminmaa) is a media-artist, photographer, documentary film maker and media production teacher. He has studied in University of Industrial Arts (now Aalto University) and graduated as photographer (1981) and art pedagog (1995). He has studied also film producing and has MA in Digital Culture (Jyväskylä University 2007). He does documentary films, photo exhibitions and media art mainly using his own production company HiQ visual oy, located in Tampere. He is lecturing at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and is producing also other artist´s productions, like art videos and documentary films.