SUR l'eau REAL

Levlin Marjo

"Mom, at what point you stopped hugging me when taking me to school?" SUR l´eau REAL is an experimental short film emerged from this question posed by my adult son. The piece is connecting this question to a dream experienced about twenty years back and to thoughts inspired by L´eau et les rêves (1942), a book by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. In the dream I am forced to make acquaintance with different worlds and their elements, water being one of them. The experience is both frightening and unpleasant. Through the writings of Bachelard, the dream, my own fragmental biography, and the question posed to me breed a new story. Bachelard associates the element of water to femininity, fertility, melancholia and death. According to him dreaming by the water is crucial for the process of creation.

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SUR l'eau REAL
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Marjo Levlin (Author), Marjo Levlin (Cinematographer), Marjo Levlin (Director), Marjo Levlin (Editor), Anton Kukkonen (Music), Kaija Maarika Penttala (Music), Marjo Levlin (Other ), Marjo Levlin (Script), Taiteen keskustoimikunta (Funder)
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Marjo Levlin is an visual artist living and working in Helsinki. In her works, she contemplates both personal and universal themes, combining history and current phenomena. Originally a painter, Levlin now works mainly in installations and short films and often uses found and collected objects as the base for her art. In her latest works, archives, science and history has played an increasingly significant role. Levlin’s works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals since the mid-1990s in Finland and abroad. Marjo Levlin (b. 1966 Graz, Austria) studied in Finland at Vapaa Taidekoulu(1990-91), at Taidekoulu Maa(1992-96) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (2008-10) with a MA at the department of time and space/moving image.