Man In A Blue Shirt

Hannu Karjalainen

A man in a blue shirt is facing the camera eyes closed. Suddenly a stream of thick paint starts falling from above in slow motion, smearing the man's face and shirt. Eventually, his face become unidentifiable as the  paint covers them entirely. The man is gasping under the paint. Slowed down, his every move is seen clearly and precisely, his struggle gaining monumental scale. A Man in a Blue Shirt is part of a trilogy inspired by portraits and photography.

Production Year
Original Title
Sinipaitainen mies
Finnish Title
Man In A Blue Shirt
English Title
Man In A Blue Shirt
Production Countries
United Kingdom
Aspect Ratio
Hannu Karjalainen (Author), Jaime Feliu-Torres (Cinematographer), Andy Moss (Editor), Watershed Media Centre (Producer), Picture This (Producer), Jo Lanyon (Producer), Lucy Byatt (Producer), Spike Island (Producer), John Cullen (Actor), Richard Haynes (Assistant), Heidi Morstang (Camera Assistant), Colin Holloway (Engineer), Creative Bristol (Support), Finnish Institute in London (Support), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Support), Finnish Embassy (Support)
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Hannu Karjalainen is an internationally acclaimed Finnish artist who lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated as MFA from the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki in 2005. His video and sound installations and films have been presented in museums, galleries and festivals since 2003 and he has held solo exhibitions participated in numerous group exhibitions and film screenings in Finland and abroad in e.g. Oslo, Zürich and Berlin. He was selected as the Young Artist of the Year in 2009.