Search & Destroy

Cecilia Stenbom

'Search & Destroy' is a first person account of experiences as a US marine in the Vietnam War. Filmed at Druridge Bay in the North East of England, a female soldier is on guard on the sand dunes by the sea. A voiceover tells the story. At first the narrator takes a role as third person but as the story unfolds, the narrator is the voice of the soldier, she is talking about her own experiences in the Vietnam War. Are they her own experiences though, or has she just seen one to many dramatizations? The narrator's monologue is a collage of quotes from popular films about the American conflict in Vietnam.

Production Year
Original Title
Search & Destroy
Finnish Title
Search & Destroy
English Title
Search & Destroy
Production Countries
United Kingdom
Aspect Ratio
Paul Moss (Cinematographer), Cecilia Stenbom (Author), Cecilia Stenbom (Director), Paul Moss (Still Photography)
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Cecilia Stenbom is a visual artist who works across media including video and film, installation, drawing and painting. Originally from Sweden, Stenbom has been based in Iceland, Finland and Scotland before moving to England in 2005. She completed her BFA degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland in 2003 and MFA degree at Glasgow School of Art in 2005. Stenbom’s work is concerned with notions of identity in a consumer driven and information rich culture. Her works have been seen in exhibitions and festivals in Finland, UK, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond.