Small Spectacle about Image-Semblance

Astala Lauri

A stereographic video animation is projected onto three walls of a cubical space. Strung through the air in the middle of the space are steel wires with text on them, which run parallel to the walls. When the viewer looks at the text to read it, they automatically stand at the right distance and focus correctly so as to make the stereographic noise appear three-dimensional. This creates the illusion that the walls are undulating. The text is a quotation from Jorge Luis Borges: "… In that Empire, the craft of Cartography attained such Perfection that the Map of a Single province covered the space of an entire City, and the Map of the Empire itself an entire Province. In the course of Time, these Extensive maps were found somehow wanting, and so the College of Cartographers evolved a Map of the Empire that was of the same Scale as the Empire and that coincided with it point for point." 


Production Year
Original Title
Pieni spektaakkeli kuvankaltaisuudesta
Finnish Title
Pieni spektaakkeli kuvankaltaisuudesta
English Title
Small Spectacle about Image-Semblance
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Lauri Astala (Author)
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Lauri Astala lives in Helsinki, Finland and Avalon, France. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and Chicago Art Institute in 2001. Astala is one of of the most distinguished media artists in Finland. He makes sculptures, videos and installations, that concentrate on our concepts and experiences of space and the ways in which cultural structures shapes them. His works have been presented at numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1989, including Eyebeam in New York (2013), Helsinki Art Museum (2010) KUMU art museum in Tallinn (2008) and Institut finlandais in Paris (2008). In 2007, Astala was awarded with the Finnish State Prize for Visual Arts.