Modern Times (transcription)

Jaana Kokko

What would you like to remember from your childhood? What did you want to be when you grow up? What does money mean to you? What about love? “Modern Times (transcription)' is based on a compact audio cassette from 1982. At the time of making the tape, the artist was 10 years old and interviewed her parents with her best friend. In the year 2006, she made a conceptual exploration into the structure of speech at the tape.

Production Year
Original Title
Nykyaika (litteraatti)
Finnish Title
Nykyaika (litteraatti)
English Title
Modern Times (transcription)
Production Countries
Aspect Ratio
Jaana Kokko (Author), Jaana Kokko (Editor), Kaisu Mäki (Interviewer), Jaana Kokko (Interviewer), Jaana Kokko (Script), Vilma Martikainen (Writer), Aaro Kokko (Cast), Taimi Kokko (Cast), Arts Council Finland (Grant for residence) (Funder), Jaana Kokko (Sound), Kaisu Mäki (Sound Design), Jaana Kokko (Sound Design), (Cacophony 1982) (Sound Design), Christer Nuutinen (Sound Mixer), Sakari Hantula (Translator)
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Jaana Kokko is an artist living currently in Espoo, Finland. Kokko graduated as a Master of Arts in 2002 and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. She is interested not only in the exploration of the expressive and historical aspects of art, but also in the understanding of the political act of making and displaying it publicly. Her works have been seen extensively in international festivals and screenings, as well as in solo and group exhibitions including Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova in Turku, Finland (2014), OKK in Berlin; Pori Art Museum, Finland (2013), Moderna Museet in Stockholm (2012), The National Art Center in Tokyo (2012) and Optica – Center for Contemporary Art in Montréal (2010).