The Sound of Tempest

Elina Oikari

The Sound of Tempest is a multi-artistic film concert combining live music and live sound design. It can also be seen only as a screening with dolby sound. The film scenes are linked to William Shakespeare’s classic play, The Tempest, through poetic visions of characters with references ranging from Renaissance to a modern homeless vagabond.

Production Year
Original Title
Myrskyn ääni
Finnish Title

Myrskyn ääni

English Title

The Sound of Tempest

Production Countries
Elina Oikari (Author), Pietari Peltola (Cinematographer), Aino Eerola (Composer), Jyri Pirinen (Composer), Laura Haapakangas (Costume Design), Elina Oikari (Director), Inka Lahti (Editor), Tanja Heikkilä (Producer), Jyri Pirinen (Sound Design), Aino Eerola (Sound Design), Juha-Matti Toppinen (set decorator), Gustavo Consuegra (Actor), Matti Kajander (Actor), Seppo-Ilmari Siitonen (Actor), Sanni Priha (Actor), Aksa Korttila (Actor), Marek Antoni Burakowski (Actor), Antti Lang (Actor), Paula Vesala (Actor), Tahvo Hirvonen (Actor), Johannes Holopainen (Actor), Mazhar Albekoglu (Actor), Aarne Tapola (Actor), Jarmo Kiuru (Camera Assistant), Aarne Tapola (Camera Assistant), Elina Oikari (Editor), ELO Film School, Helsinki (Funder), Elina Oikari (Graphic Designer), Tanja Heikkilä (Grip), Tahvo Hirvonen (Grip), Juha-Matti Toppinen (Grip), Heikki-Pekka Vaara (Lighting), Tiina Junno (Make-Up), Jyri Pirinen (Recordist), Timo Oikari (Runner), Elina Oikari (Script), Saara Javanainen (Translator)
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Elina Oikari is a filmmaker who works with fiction, documentary, and alternative film. She has graduated with a Master of Arts from the ELO Film School Finland in Aalto University majoring in documentary film directing (2014). Oikari's work often explores current social themes connected with timeless places and stories. Using a sharp palette of absurd humor and reflective visual language she aims to push the boundaries of cinema.