The End of Landscape

Marko Lampisuo

An old video camera takes its very last pictures recording the view from a train window, the sunset and the light playing on the trees. The same camera then re-shoots the material it shot earlier, this time playing on a television screen, thus witnessing the disintegrating landscapes and electric spaces hidden from the human eye. The End of Landscape is about forgetting and remembering and the changes in our memory. It describes the longing for nature. The gradual progress of transformation stands aout a question. Do we become attached with the actual landscapes or only with the recorded mental images of landscapes?

Production Year
Original Title
Maiseman loppu
Finnish Title

Maiseman loppu

English Title

The End of Landscape

Production Countries
Marko Lampisuo (Author), Marko Lampisuo (Cinematographer), Jussi Lehtisalo (Composer), Marko Lampisuo (Director), Marko Lampisuo (Editor), Kallo Works (Producer), Marko Lampisuo (Script), Arts Council of Finland (Funder), Arts Council of Satakunta (Funder), Suomen Kulttuurirahaston Satakunnan rahasto / Finnish Cultural Foundation, Satakunta Regional Fund (Funder), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), Marko Lampisuo (Sound)
Marko Lampisuo (b. 1970 in Turku) draws his imagery from nature or familiar surroundings. The initial, documentary shot is usually only an initial impulse for work that will have its definitive form after several artisanal stages. Often the working is limited by the patterns set by the artist. Their repetitiveness reveals the beauty hidden in the structures and the material. Stretching the media-specific attributes influences on how the works communicate the temporal experience.