Plum Blossoms - First Branch

Tero Nauha

This video is the first part of a series inspired by a poetic text called “Baika” (Plum blossoms) by a Zen master Dogen Zenji (1200–1253). An old plum tree is a representation of the all-encompassing nature of buddhadharma. Narration and its background philosophies form the profound problematics of these videos. The video "First Branch" is formed as a spiral: there is a movement from smaller space to wider, from interior to exterior, from subjective reality to objective. The static images build up narratives attached to each other in different ways. In the soundtrack, the voice-over defines the images in English, either reinforcing or weakening the visual narrative signal. 

Production Year
Original Title
Luumupuun kukkia – ensi oksa
Finnish Title
Luumupuun kukkia – ensi oksa
English Title
Plum Blossoms - First Branch
Production Countries
Aspect Ratio
Tero Nauha (Author), Tero Nauha (Director), Tero Nauha (Camera), Karolina Kucia (Camera), AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (Funder), Alfred Kordelin Foundation (Funder), VISEK (Funder), Arts Council of Finland (Funder)
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Tero Nauha is a Finnish performance and visual artist. He has studied at Lahti Art Institute, Poznan Art Academy in Poland, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, Goldsmiths College of London and Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Nauha works with audiovisual mediums, installation, site-specific works and drawing. His performances often deal with the ethical problematics between the audience and the performer. Nauha’s works and performances have been seen in solo and group exhibitions and festivals in Finland and abroad.