Marjatta Oja

Transparent consists of three parts which were connected by means of video projections. Each part contains a video or videos, some contains a mirror, a screen or a piece of transparent fabric hanging from a stand. Transparent represents an attempt to violate the linearity of the spatial presentation of moving images, both on the level of content and of material.
Transparent spreads out in many directions at once, curling around the space; it is so large that the viewer is able to take in only one part at a time, and even turns her back on it. Moreover, the mirrors in the piece allow the viewer to observe moving figures and shadows generated by her own presence. The viewer is physically inside the work, being surrounded by the various elements of the piece, the devices, stands and screens, as well as light patterns, such as moving images and their fragments. In turning to consider the next part of the piece, the viewer may come across the same images in different sizes and/or intensities. Yet Transparent includes also features that are reminiscent of painting, although this is something that does not readily come across at once.
'The work shows a view from my window: I was able to see a small piece of the sky through the windows of an apartment in the house on the opposite side of the street. This gave rise in my mind to an image of the room in the opposite building. The milieu was familiar to me from walks with my family, and I knew what the occupants of the opposite flat would most likely see from their window: the sea. Because the view of the opposite flat was such an everyday part of my life, I glanced at it every now and then, and gradually my experience of the flat grew into a total feeling. This total feeling was like knowledge or an idea which passed through my body. It could have led to some motion outside the body, but because the feeling occurred in my own room, and there was nothing but air on the other side of the window, the body could not move anywhere. Instead, the movement continued in my mind.'
Transparent (2006) is a situation sculpture which consists of three projections,
projection equipment, mirrors, screens of various types, and sound. The work was presented for the first time in a seminar at the Postgraduate Department of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, and was subsequently presented at the Mänttä Art Festival in summer 2006. The work was subsequently included in an exhibition project at Gallery Sculptor in Helsinki at the turn of 2009–2010.

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Marjatta Oja (Author), Asko Keränen (Cast)
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Marjatta Oja lives and works in Helsinki. She has studied in Free Art School in Helsinki, Accademia di Belle Arte in Milan and in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, where she completed her doctoral studies in 2011. Oja uses different media, mainly photographs, videos and objects. She aims to infuse image with depth, liveliness and three-dimensionality into “situational sculptures”. The works of Oja have been presented in exhibitions and events since the late 1980s in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and the USA.