In And Out Of Time

Terike Haapoja

‘In And Out Of Time’ is a two-channel, moving-image installation touching upon themes of death, time and absence. In this diptych, one side shows the cooling of the dead body of a calf on snow, seen through a thermo-camera. The other side shows a mirrored image of the same scene but recorded with a regular video camera. The original recording time of 7 hours is visible as a time code in the lower right corner of the video, although the duration of the installation is 4.5 hours. Within this time the calf’s body has cooled down, and is no longer visible to the thermo-camera; the transition from subject to object is a process that is much longer than the moment of dying.

Production Year
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In And Out Of Time
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In And Out Of Time
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Terike Haapoja (Author)
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Terike Haapoja is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She has a MA degree both from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy. Her work consists of videos, installations and stage projects, characterized by the innovative use of new media and new technology. Her work has been show widely in solo and group exhibitions and festivals both nationally and internationally. Haapoja represented Finland at Venice Biennale in 2013 with a solo show in the Nordic Pavilion. She has received awards and grants in Finland since 2001 and she was nominated as candidate for Ars Fennica Award in 2011.