Emotions in Man

Kati Åberg

An interactive dance on DVD explores ways of expressing five basic emotions by means of dance and cinematography. The viewer participates in the piece by deciding which emotions - joy, sorrow, fear, love or anger - to give to the dancer. The decision must be made several times during the piece. Should one give the dancer more and more sorrow, or suddenly plunge him into the throes of love? The viewer decides and thus determines how the piece evolves. The viewer must participate in defining the emotions or else the dancer will get frustrated and walk away, ending the piece. Shall we dance?

Production Year
Original Title
Emotions in Man
Finnish Title
Emotions in Man
English Title
Emotions in Man
Production Countries
Timo Anttila (Artist), Erno Kumpulainen (Artist), Kati Åberg (Author), Peter Flinckenberg (Cinematographer), Kati Åberg (Director), Kati Åberg (Editor), Anna-Kaisa Liedes (Music), Kati Åberg (Producer), Kati Åberg (Script), Santtu Miikkulainen (Camera), Jyrki Karttunen (Choreographer), Jyrki Karttunen (Online Editing), Mika Autere (Sound Recording)
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Kati Åberg

Born: 1967

Kati Åberg lives and works in Helsinki. She has graduated from the Media Lab of the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Her works range from linear short films, multi-channel video works and interactive installations to live visuals and collaboration with performing artists. Her work is often based on documentary or the performing arts.