Marjo Levlin

Ellipsis is a meandrous story where the monologist encounters sculpture like foam animals and a large fond stretched between a bunch of trees in a forest that archers use for target practice. The fond evokes the vision of a forestal movie screen or a theather stage with sculpture animals, making the mute and mysterious plastic animals that play the role of archery targets come alive. They become a part of history, which through the famous Disney movie ”Bambi” leads to moot sports hunting and the tradition of human and animal representation. The collage like essay film combines text and visual material in an original way and was mainly filmed in a forest in eastern Helsinki, but also at the Rabat Zoo in Morocco, at the collections of Kunstkamera in St Petersburg and, as it happened, in a remote graveyard in Astoria, OR, U.S. Furthermore, the piece consists of old stereoscopic footage.

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Marjo Levlin (Author), Marjo Levlin (Cinematographer), Marjo Levlin (Director), Marjo Levlin (Editor), Marjo Levlin (Producer), Marjo Levlin (Script), Johanna Storm (Sound Design), Patricia Wiklund (Color Grading), Oskar Öflundin säätiö (Funder), Frame Contemporary Art Finland (Funder), TAIKE (Funder), Svenska Kulturfonden (Funder), Marjo Levlin (Voice Over)
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Marjo Levlin is an visual artist living and working in Helsinki. In her works, she contemplates both personal and universal themes, combining history and current phenomena. Originally a painter, Levlin now works mainly in installations and short films and often uses found and collected objects as the base for her art. In her latest works, archives, science and history has played an increasingly significant role. Levlin’s works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions as well as festivals since the mid-1990s in Finland and abroad. Marjo Levlin (b. 1966 Graz, Austria) studied in Finland at Vapaa Taidekoulu(1990-91), at Taidekoulu Maa(1992-96) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (2008-10) with a MA at the department of time and space/moving image.