A Girl Bathing in a Kitchen Sink

Pekka Niskanen

A Girl Bathing in The Kitchen Sink is a story performed by Robin Svartström, Jenny Robson, Florian Roithmayr and Hanne Ivars. Together they seek and try to define the ego of the principal character (played by Svartström) and his expressed desire to think of himself as an element in a narrative. The actors in the principal character's narrative are 'the Principal Character as Hero', 'The Family as Educator' and 'The loved-one as Adversary'. Two questions are left unanswered by this incomplete story: Who are the Helper and the Receiver? The film's mode of narration ties it to the present so that there is a danger that it will end or begin to repeat itself endlessly.

Production Year
Original Title
A Girl Bathing in a Kitchen Sink
English Title
A Girl Bathing in a Kitchen Sink
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Pekka Niskanen (Author), Heikki Färm (Cinematographer), TImo Muurinen (Composer), Pekka Niskanen (Director), Nenne Hallman (Producer), TImo Muurinen (Sound)
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Pekka Niskanen

Born: 1961

Pekka Niskanen is a media artist, video- and filmmaker who studied visual communication in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and media art in Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He completed his dissertation at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. His videos and films have been exhibited worldwide, including the White Box Gallery in New York in 2004 and Galleria Hippolyte in Helsinki in 2014. His works are represented in collections such as Helsinki Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Niskanen has also visualised experimental theatre in Finland and realised the set design and costumes for Verdi’s Rigoletto in Gothenburg’s Opera in Sweden 2005.