Pilvi Takalan Real Snow White Armeniassa!


Stuttgarter Filmwinterin palkitut elokuvat matkustavat Yerevaniin, Real Snow White tietenkin näiden mukana. Real Snow White voitti tammikuussa 2011 “Norman 2011” -palkinnon Stuttgarter Filmwinter festivaalilla. Palkintoraadin lausunto Takalan teoksesta:

Innocent devotion meets ludicrous paranoia, as exercised by one of the world’s most commercially successful entertainment empires. The gentle nature of the protagonist exposes the absurd level of iron-fisted control for which the corporation has become infamous. Uncertainty about how the conflict might progress buzzes throughout the film as the camera becomes a weapon, the security guards growing wary of its presence in a public space where their rules and restrictions do not apply.

Voittajateosten näytös järjestetään Yerevanin National Gallery of Armeniassa 18.5.2011.


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