Lisätietoa Teokset / Pink Twins Live

Pink Twins Live
Pink Twins Live
Pink Twins Live

The audiovisual live performance by Pink Twins incorporates a concert of live electronic music and a live mix of video works presented on one or multiple screens. The music of Pink Twins is based on live sound processing on computers and analogue synthesizers. Pink Twins manipulate an array of concrete and electronic sounds, noises and harmonic musical elements to create a hyperactive, constantly changing and extremely detailed wall of sound.

In their video works and music Pink Twins manipulate and transform their source material into new, unrecognizable forms.The live performances aim for an immersive, physical experience that will transform the spectator’s perception of time and space. The performances are custom-planned according to each venue and space; the acoustics and characteristics of the performance space have a big significance to the performance.

Pink Twins like to realise their performances in many different kinds of surroundings. They have performed in art spaces, concert halls and clubs, as well as churches, industrial spaces and outdoors.

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Teoksen alkuperäinen nimi / Pink Twins Live
Teoksen nimi englanniksi / Pink Twins Live
Asiasanat / musiikki, värit, audiovisuaalinen aineisto
Tyyppi / Live
Genre / performanssitaide, kokeellinen elokuva, äänitaide
Maa / Suomi
Kesto / 00:45:00
Valmistumisvuosi / 2014
Työryhmä / Pink Twins (Ohjaaja), Pink Twins (Musiikki), Pink Twins (Tekijä)
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