Timo Wright’s Solace and Embrace screened at Leiden International Short Film Experience

Two short films by Timo Wright, Solace (2017) and Embrace (2016) are screened at Leiden International Short Film Experience, held from May 11–13.

Both short films are screened in experimental programmes on Saturday, May 12: Solace at 13:00 at Old School and Embrace at 21:30 at Kijkhuis.

Embrace portrays an abandoned house, furniture strewn around, discarded. Slowly, a red smoke starts to pour in through the doors. Eventually the whole house is engulfed with the smoke that hides everything from our sight.

Solace is an experimental short film about the necessity of grief, an ode to sadness. The film comprises of different people crying in front of the camera. No explanation for their sorrow is given. Through this shared experience the viewers can have a cathartic moment that cleans them from any sorrow they might be carrying at the moment.

Timo Wright: Solace

Timo Wright: Solace (2017)

Timo Wright is a media artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Wright has graduated with MA degree from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki in 2014. He has participated in domestic and international exhibitions since the mid 2000s including Kunsthall Charlottenborg (2017), Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie (2017), Galerie Anhava (2016), Helsinki Art Museum (2013), Helsinki Design Museum (2012), Amos Anderson Art Museum (2012), Kunsthalle Helsinki (2012, 2010, 2009) and Helsinki Art Museum’s Kluuvi Gallery (2012). His films have been shown at over 40 festivals worldwide, including IDFA, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Slamdance and Japan Media Arts Festival.

Leiden International Short Film Experience, 11.–13.5.2018, Netherlands

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