Azar Saiyar’s retrospective, Ukrainian films and other highlights of this years Tampere Film Festival

This year Tampere Film Festival has a long list of short films by AV-arkki’s member artists included in the competition programs and festival screenings. AV-arkki presents two collaborative screenings in the festival programme: a retrospective of Azar Saiyar, and a showcase Ukraine Experimental, focusing on experimental and documentary Ukrainian films. Tampere Film Festival takes place on March 8-12 2023, at Cine Atlas in Koskikeskus and Arthouse Cinema Niagra in Kehäsaari.

Ukraine Experimental

Zoya Laktionova: Territory of Empty Windows (2020)

Ukraine Experimental, consisting of experimental and documentary short films by Ukrainian female artists from years 2018–2020. The material includes films of very different forms, which are grouped around the concepts of sexuality and corporeality on the one hand, and war and violence on the other. he screening takes the audience on a powerful journey, and due to its material, no under 18s are admitted. This screening is made possible with the funding from the Ministry of Culture and Education.

DISCLAIMER: the films in this programme are not suitable for viewers younger than 18 years old. 

Ukraine Experimental

  • Sat March 11 14:15 Cine Atlas 4

Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar (born 1979) is a Helsinki-based artist and filmmaker, whose works have been presented, for example, in the Berlinale’s Forum Expanded programme and in the DOK Leipzig. Saiyar’s works could be characterised as essay-like studies, where memories and archives come together as transitory layers. The artist has received the AVEK media art award in 2022.

The retrospective screening includes seven of Saiyar’s films: Tell Me (2019), Helsinki-Tehran (2009), Monument of Distance (2018), Primus Tempus (2014), History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails (2016), My Home (2022), and Laila’s Apple (2021).

Azar Saiyar

  • Wed March 8 17:45 Cine Atlas 3
  • Sat March 11 16:15 Cine Atlas 4

Short films by AV-arkki’s artists in the competitions

Mia Mäkelä: Anthropobee (2022)

This year, short films by eleven AV-arkki’s artists were selected for national competition. Maija Blåfield’s Scenic View (2023) was also selected for the international competition.

National competition 5: Sami van Ingen & Mika Taanila: Monica in the South Seas (2023)

  • Thu March 9 18:45 Cine Atlas 2

National competition 7: Nastja Säde Rönkkö: Those Who Kept the Light / Seaweed (2022) & Mia Mäkelä: Anthropobee (2022)

  • Thu March 9 10:30 Cine Atlas 2
  • Fri March 10 19:30 Cine Atlas 2

National competition 8: Hannaleena Heiska: Metamorphosis (2022) & Jan Ijäs: House of the Wickedest Man in the World (2023)

  • Thu March 9 13:30 Cine Atlas 2
  • Fri March 10 18:00 Cine Atlas 3

National competition 9: Juhani Koivumäki: Hope (2023), Pink Twins: The Transient (2023) & Arttu Nieminen: Lift Up Your Voices (2023)

  • Fri March 10 12:00 Cine Atlas 2
  • Sat March 11 11:15 Cine Atlas 2

National competition 10: Maija Blåfield: Scenic View (2023) & Jussi Eerola: Grasshopper (2022)

  • Fri March 10 14:30 Cine Atlas 2
  • Sat March 11 13:45 Cine Atlas 2

National competition 11: Kaisu Koski: City Reindeer (2022)

  • Fri March 10 17:00 Cine Atlas 2
  • Sat March 11 16:15 Cine Atlas 2

International competition 1: Maija Blåfield: Scenic View (2022)

  • Wed March 8 15:00 Cine Atlas 1
  • Thu March 9 19:15 Niagra

Short films by AV-arkki’s artists in other screenings

August Joensalo: Space is Quite a Lot of Things (2021)

Le Saboteur (2022) by Anssi Kasitonni was included in the festival’s opening screening as well as “European Film Academy: Candidates” screening. In addition to this short films by Petteri Cederberg and Annika Dahlsten are included in the Finnish Animation Guild’s anniversary screenings, and August Joensalo’s Space is Quite a Lot of Things (2021) is seen in the “Saqmi 2” screening. Wacky Tie Films 10 year anniversary screening brings us two short films by Risto-Pekka Blom.

Opening screening: Anssi Kasitonni: Le Saboteur (2022)

  • Wed March 8 18:00 Cine Atlas 1

EFA: Candidates: Anssi Kasitonni: Le Saboteur (2022)

  • Thu March 9 13:45 Cine Atlas 4
  • Sun March 12 18:00 Cine Atlas 3

Animation Guild 1: Petteri Cederberg: Equilibrium (2022)

  • Wed March 8 19:30 Cine Atlas 4
  • Sat March 11 12:00 Niagra

Animation Guild 2: Annika Dahlsten: Nocturnal Butterfly (2015)

Fri March 10 14:15 Cine Atlas 4

Sun March 12 16:00 Cine Atlas 3

Saqmi 2: August Joensalo: Space is Quite a Lot of Things (2021)

  • Wed March 8 20:30 Niagra
  • Sun March 12 14:30 Cine Atlas 4

10 Years of Wacky Tie Films: Risto-Pekka Blom: The Human Torch (2022) & Risto-Pekka Blom: Canary (2020)

  • Fri March 10 14:00 Niagra

Tampere Film Festival, March 8.-12. 2023, Tampere, Finland

Lisätietoa: Tampere Film Festival

Featured image: Azar Saiyar: Laila’s Apple (2021)

AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.