Anssi Kasitonni’s and Mika Taanila’s short films in the international competition of Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Anssi Kasitonni’s Deus ex Machina (2021, in featured image) and Mika Taanila’s Failed Emptiness. Time (2021) were selected for the International Competition of Stuttgarter Filmwinter, held online from January 7–16 2022. The online screenings are available in Germany only.

Mika Taanila’s Failed Emptiness. Time is included in the International Competition 1, streamed from Tuesday, January 11, 19:00 to Thursday, January 13, 19:00. The experimental short film is a collaboration between Taanila, poet Harry Salmenniemi, and composer Éliane Radique. Suddenly there is an enormous amount of time. At first everything is possible. Anything might happen. Gradually the possible becomes impossible.

Mika Taanila: Failed Emptiness. Time (2021)

Anssi Kasitonni’s Deus ex Machina is streamed in the International Competition 2 from Tuesday, January 11, 21:00 to Thursday, January 13, 21:00. In Deus ex Machina, the illusion breaks down when the viewer can see the strings.

Stuttgarter Filmwinter, January 7–16 2022, Germany & online

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