Soile Mottisenkangas’ They Go Gentle Into That Night Work screened at PÖFF, Tallinn

Soile Mottisenkangas’ They Go Gentle Into That Night Work (2020) was selected to be screened at Pimedate Ööde Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia. The film is included in the Ascent of a Woman – Live Action Documentaries 2 -programme, which is part of PÖFF Shorts. PÖFF is held from 13 – 29 November both in cinemas in Tallinn and online. The screenings take place on Wednesday, November 25, and Thursday, November 26.

They Go Gentle Into That Night Work is a creative short documentary about rhythm of work, in which a mail carrier, a plate rolling operator and a train driver arrive at the scene of their night shifts. This portrait depicts how they embrace the sphere of their posts. Common to these main characters is that they have discovered a peaceful, flowing, own space out of the night shift.

Soile Mottisenkangas (1971) is a Finnish filmmaker and artist based Helsinki. She graduated in the Master’s of Arts, Film, from The Screen Academy Scotland, Napier University, 2011. She has held several private and group exhibitions including video art and her short films Maria Eveliina (2013) and Bully Factory (2012) have been screened at international film festivals.

Pimedate Ööde filmifestival, 13 – 29 November 2020, Tallinn

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