Our artists’ exhibitions abroad

Several of AV-arkki’s artists are having an exhibition abroad at the moment. Here are some of them:

Liinu Grönlund’s and Okku Nuutilainen’s Observe These Words (2020, in featured image) is included in the group exhibition “The Next Renaissance“, opening in Goethe Institut Paris in 13 May 2024. Closing 11 May 2024, the group exhibition “Eight Thousand Layers of Moments” in Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand includes works by e.g. Henna-Riikka Halonen and Denise Ziegler.

Jonna Kina: Secret Words and Related Stories (2016)

Jonna Kina is participating a group exhibition Poetics of Encryption, open in KW Institute for Contemporary Art until 26 May 2024. This extensive group exhibition at KW builds upon the recent book by curator Nadim Samman titled Poetics of Encryption: Art and the Technocene. It surveys an imaginative landscape marked by Black Sites, Black Boxes, and Black Holes—terms that indicate how technical systems capture users, how they work in stealth, and how they distort cultural space-time. 

Saara Ekström‘s solo exhibition Geopsyche is open in Museum Anna Nordlander in Skellefteå, Sweden, until 26 May 2024. The exhibition shows, among other things Geopsyche, a film installation from 2023. The work relates to our planet’s intricate and breathtakingly slow geological metabolism and examines the consciousness and knowledge preserved in its earth layers where human existence is only a brief period in the sediments of the future.

Saara Ekström: Geopsyche (2023)

Sasha Huber has several current and upcoming exhibitions. The artistic centre Ferme-Asile in Sion, Switzerland is presenting Huber’s private exhibition You Name It until 14 July 2024. She is also participating the group exhibition Apropos Hodler, open in Kunsthaus Zürich until 30 June 2024. Check out all Sasha Huber’s exhibition on Huber’s website.

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen is one of the three artists presented in the exhibition “The pleasures we choose” in Aalto Pavilion in the 60th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, open until 24 November 2024, curated by Jussi Koitela and Yvonne Billimore and produced by Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

Pilvi Takala‘s ongoing exhibitions include “Vertigo – The Mutations of Society in Video Art“, open in Mast. Bologna until 30 June 2024; “On the Other Side”, open in Fact Liverpool until 9 June 2024; and “(re)construire Disney”, open in arc en rêve centre d’architecture, Bordeaux, until 6 October 2024.