Jan Ijäs’s short films screened at the 17th Nice Short Film Festival

Held from October 12–20, The 17th Nice Short Film Festival “Un festival c’est trop court!” celebrates Finnish short films with a three-day Finnish Focus. The first screening, held on Friday, October 13, was dedicated to short films by young filmmakers, including Suddenly, Last Summer (2013) by Juha Mäki-Jussila and Time Capsule (2016) by Jan Ijäs.

Five more short films by Jan Ijäs’s were included in the special screening “Aki Kaurismäki vs. Jan Ijäs”, screened on Sunday, October 15. The festival catalogue foregrounds Kaurismäki’s and Ijäs’s shared tendency to study the Finnish society from the point of view of migration, integration and cultural plurality.

The screening included the following short films by Jan Ijäs:

Sweet Mov(i)e (2010)

Social Connection (2017)

Solitude in Year Zero (2012)

Ghosts (2009)

Two Islands (2013)

The 17th Nice Short Film Festival “Un festival c’est trop court!”, 12.–20.10.2017, Nice, France

More information: Un festival c’est trop court!