New artists’ moving image in our online archive / May–June ’20 pt I

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Non-narrative experimental films & artists’ moving image

Rita Jokiranta: In the Minds of Others: Fleeting Moments (2020, 06:50)

Rita Jokiranta: In the Minds of Others: Fleeting Moments (2020)

Fleeting moments pass behind the dirty window of a train– short stops at stations, passengers leaving the train, others waiting for other trains on other platforms. People who shared some moments on the same train, disappear and remain as strangers, unknown even though they would be there everyday.

Petra Lindholm: Bystanders (2020, 16:00)

Petra Lindholm: Bystanders (2020)

Bystanders is an experimental journey, one thing leads to another in a weird subconscious logic, like a dream or a collective memory. A sunrise over and over again, bees singing about their future, yellowing forests, air cooling fans, airport runways, railway platforms, a sea in many colors, a hurricane, electrical wires, the earth from space, a desert, light particles, all nestled in with a soundtrack full of samples, voices, and the pulse of the Earth which extends all the way into outer space. 

Miia Rinne: Mixed Feelings (2020, 04:40)

Miia Rinne: Mixed Feelings (2020)

“Mixed Feelings”… Mixed Media, Mixed Tapes. ”Mixed Feelings” is a collage of hand-painted 35mm celluloid film, digital film and screen dumps. “Mixed Feelings” is sedimented as layers on film over time, and a variety of feelings are reflected in the work. The soundtrack consists of P.P. Puska’s music and 4-track recordings on used compact cassettes.

Jukka Silokunnas: 400 ml of Greenwash (2020, 03:14)

Jukka Silokunnas: 400 ml of Greenwash (2020)

400 ml of green spraypaint applied to the wall of a rotten house. Playing with the formal language of graffiti liberates the line from its cultural conventions and poses the question: is painting graffitis smearing, if the surface is itself a pile of trash?

Mika Taanila: Patent No. 314805 (2020, 02:16)

Mika Taanila: Patent No. 314805 (2020)

Finnish engineer Eric Tigerstedt solved the dilemma of sound-on-film already before World War I. All images and sounds are produced from the surviving test materials originally created in 1914.


Taija Goldblatt: This State (2015, 07:00)

Taija Goldblatt: This State (2015)

A projection of exhaustion. Of extreme thoughts and emotion, of nights, days and hours drawing the room full of grey.

Thomas Westphal: Delete All Duplicates (2018, 08:16)

Thomas Westphal: Delete All Duplicates (2018)

A group of people was filmed in the process of sorting out screws of various sizes. The protagonists are visible only by their arms entering the designated area from all sides. Each arm has an individual style and pace of picking. Eventually the hundreds of screws disappear. The banal and hypnotic event touches on how the work of the hand informs the work of the mind.

Performance-based works:

Annette Arlander: The Helsinki Tree Calendar (2018, 17:42)

Annette Arlander: The Helsinki Tree Calendar (2018)

The work was recorded in the parks of Helsinki in 2017 and is based on the Celtic lunar calendar with thirteen months named after trees or shrubs. The screening version consists of the beginning of all 13 images or scenes in the calendar, with the initial title, in English, included. The ninth image is recorded vertical and here tilted horizontally. Also available as an installation version.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola: Equilibrum (2020, 10:46, in featured image)

Fanni Niemi-Junkola: Equilibrium (2020)

A short film focusing on environmental issues via the relationship between human and animal working together in a farm. The film also depicts how animals communicate with each other. The focus is on domestic animals, dogs and sheep. The film depicts both wild, instinctive behavior as well as moments of calm equilibrium, a state where all forces are balanced.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola: The Trainer (2020, 04:10)

Fanni Niemi-Junkola: The Trainer (2020)

The video depicts a dog and its trainer. The connection, nonverbal communication and trust is apparent. But the images also highlight the power relations and perhaps dependency on each other. Picturing the relationship between a human and an animal contributes to the questions of sustainability and environment.

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