New Artists’ Moving Image in Our Archive / Spring ’22

Featured image from: Minna Suoniemi: I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too (2022)

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Sami Ala: Holy Spear (2022, 01:56)

Sami Ala: Holy Spear (2022)

Holy Spear is a visual poem about the transformation of the value base of an era. Holy Spear is a video work that utilizes the context and imagery of sport. It contains Christian elements and mythology. These elements turn the content of the work towards a radical feminist line of thought. There is also humor in the work.

Hinni Huttunen: Alive (but at what cost) (2021, 00:19)

Hinni Huttunen: Alive (but at what cost) (2021)

A short film about convalescing.

August Joensalo: Space Is Quite a Lot of Things (2021, 11:25)

August Joensalo: Space Is Quite a Lot of Things (2021)

Curiosity about a world without gender sets a journey through a world of jellyfish and disco uncles, creating space for four trans people to share how they relate (or not) to their own gender, imagine visions of their own queer utopia, and reveal whether gender can be felt in your toes.

Miia Rinne: New Bugs (2022, 05:52)

Miia Rinne: New Bugs (2022)

In New Bugs, things merge, collide, and intrude into each other. At one point, bird eats worms, and the second moment worms eat carcass of a bird. Everything goes around. New Bugs is the sixth part in Rinne’s series of films that construct image and sound by layering and recycling analog and digital fragments.

Jarkko Räsänen: Chiroptera I (2021, 03:00)

Jarkko Räsänen (2021, 03:00)

Chiroptera I is a study about bats in Lichtenberg. The soundtrack consists of slowed-down bat signals and the video is showing the environment of the recordings in an algorithmically re-constructed form.

Minna Suoniemi: Bond (2022, 05:10)

Minna Suoniemi: Bond (2022)

Bond portrays a mother and a son in what appears to be a wrestling bond that the mother repeatedly attempts to escape without succeeding. Closeness and battle intertwine in the protagonists’ bodily struggle. In her work, Suoniemi draws parallels with the bodily, psychological and societal bonds between and within her protagonists and sets them in the continuation of historical mother and child images. Here, teenage and menopausal bodies tormented with hormonal changes negotiate their co-existence.

Minna Suoniemi: I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too (2022, 06:12)

Minna Suoniemi: I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too (2022)

I’ve been bad but I’ve been good too intertwines the materiality of film with the materiality of the ageing body and transgenerational bodily experience of excessiveness and being in-excess. The child-like uncanny narration addresses the protagonist’s foremothers, and all women and mothers through generations and layers of history. The old film camera from the narrator’s birth year creates a parallel to the outdated film material and the menopausal body. The narration is directed to the grandmother but at times also to unknown foremothers hidden by the structures of control.

Leda Vaneva: Minims (2021, 02:39)

Leda Vaneva: Minims (2021)

Minims is a multiplicity of small things. A poem about the building blocks of our environment, and our sensations. Just as reality is revealed to us in layers, the video is a collage of different videos of small events, constructing a larger structure.

Markus Viljanen: End of the Line (2022, 01:30)

Markus Viljanen: End of the Line (2022)

Two men limewashing the tracks of the sport ground.

Markus Viljanen: Their Greenness (2022, 01:16)

Markus Viljanen: Their Greenness (2022)

Very short film of greenness.

Markus Viljanen: Towards the End (2022, 05:12)

Markus Viljanen: Towards the End (2022)

Four episodes of runners in Helsinki City Marathon.

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