New artist’s moving image in our online archive / July ’21 pt I

Featured image: Anni Kinnunen: Hollow (2018)

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Sami Ala: Waves (2018, 02:27)

Sami Ala: Waves (2018)

It is hard to get up and ride on a wave. The video is a visual metaphor for life and death, consciousness and subconsciousness.

Sophia Ehrnrooth: 900 Footballs (2020, 15:56)

Sophia Ehrnrooth: 900 Footballs (2020)

“Sometimes the greatest victories happen on the sidelines.” When unexpected storm threatens a Finnish artist’ installation, an assist comes from an unlikely group all too familiar with weathering the perfect storm: The children of illegal immigrants in exile in Rome.

Rita Jokiranta: At the Water’s Edges (2020, 36:02)

Rita Jokiranta: At the Water’s Edges (2020)

At the Water’s Edges is a multichannel video installation about rising seas, the climate change and a big city. The work employs New York City as an example—due to its long and shallow shoreline, the city is very vulnerable to storms and flooding. The structure of the work is episodic and controlled by random and repetition. The presentation plays with visibility as the momentary urban views and glimpses of life in the city’s coastal areas slowly disappear in dramatized waves. The work comprises a soundscape.

Jari Kallio & Essi Vesala: Magma (2020, 17:23)

Jari Kallio & Essi Vesala: Magma (2020)

Magma is a balm for soothing terrestrial aches, a memento of worlds not yet imagined. To exhale is the smallest possible ritual, one that has to do with memory: an old world, a lava lamp, the smell of gas, a suspended bubble; a sacrifice that is the end of all sacrifice. (Anna Tomi)

Joel Karppanen: A Nature Documentary (2021, 10:37)

Joel Karppanen: A Nature Documentary (2021)

An essay film about simulated nature, forest animals, nature photographers and national parks, that combines ecocriticism and image critique, archival and modern day footage, natural soundscape and electronic birds. 

Anssi Kasitonni: Deus Ex Machina (2021, 04:00)

Anssi Kasitonni: Deus Ex Machina (2021)

The illusion breaks down when the viewer can see the strings.

Jonna Kina: After Life followed by Red Impasto Jar (2021, 09:12)

Jonna Kina: After Life Followed by Red Impasto Jar (2021)

The work is composed of two separate films followed by each other. Both films explore transcendental issues through archaeological and illegal excavations of tombs.

Anni Kinnunen: Hydrangea (2018, 01:49)

Anni Kinnunen: Hydrangea (2018)

The artist spraypaints a flower in a black background, turning invisible to visible.

Anni Kinnunen: Hollow (2018, 02:19)

Anni Kinnunen: Hollow (2018)

Hollow is a story of how human beings have become alienated from nature, how the landscape has become a stage, and how humanity has turned into a role play.

Anni Kinnunen: Feel (2017, 01:08)

Anni Kinnunen: Feel (2017)

Feel reflects the sense of being an outsider and still trying to blend in. As humans we have this strong need to be part of something and still stand out as an individual. This work was made during a two-month residency in Japan.

Anni Kinnunen: Zantedeschia (2017, 01:49)

Anni Kinnunen : Zantedeschia (2017)

The artist spraypaints a flower in a black background, turning invisible to visible. 

Anni Kinnunen: One by One (2018, 03:16)

Anni Kinnunen: One by One (2018)

A balloon, a positive item and a symbol of light-heartedness and fun turns into something that takes our thoughts on the verge of the distress.

Tanja Koistila: might not fit (2014, 01:31)

Tanja Koistila: might not fit (2014)

A diptych of two sculptures moving. One quite self-centered, the other one reaches more outwards. The sound plays an important role.

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