New artists’ moving image in our online archive / February – April ’20

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Jussi Eerola: Blue Honda Civic (2020, 10:45)

Jussi Eerola: Blue Honda Civic (2020)

The romantic landscape paintings often portrayed weather condition, topography of national landscape, religious themes, spirituality of nature and hunting scenes. Blue Honda Civic is a minimalistic road movie mirroring the emotions of the driver through the landscapes (s)he has chosen to look at.

Saara Ekström & Eero Tammi: Biblion (2019, 13:31)

Saara Ekström & Eero Tammi: Biblion (2019)

Running in three parallel images in black & white and colour, and complemented with an evocative soundtrack, Biblion is a poetic study on the medium of the book. A nocturnal mood leads way to a dreamlike world, where no reading is required and where books are dreaming of their own disappearance.

Kalle Hamm: Waiting for the Extinction 🙁 (2019, 18:50)

Kalle Hamm: Waiting for the Extinction 🙁 (2019)

Band of Weeds uses microvolt sensors to record changes in the magnetic fields of plants and produces sound works from the collected biodata. The both soundtracks of the film were produced from biodata recorded from the Siberian primrose and glacier buttercup in the plants’ natural habitat in Norway. The both plants are next to local extinction in Finland. 

Jan Ijäs: Belgrade Forest Incident …and What Happended to Mr.K? (2020, 30:00)

Jan Ijäs: Belgrade Forest Incident …and What Happended to Mr.K? (2020)

Mr K walked to the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul on 2nd of October 2018 to apply for a divorce certificate in order to remarry Mrs. Turkish C. Upon entering the embassy, Mr K was no longer heard, he disappeared. The disappearance causes widespread political conflict, leading to a 9% collapse of the Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange in two hours. The work tells the true story of the assassination of journalist, dissident, Jamal Khashogg. Events are told on the timeline of the news reportage, not on the timeline of the actual assassination.

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan: A Camp is a Wall in a Forest (2018, 18:30)

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan: A Camp is a Wall in a Forest (2018)

A camp is a place where mohajers live in a state of waiting. Mohajers are asylum seekers, refugees, and other migrants in precarious situations. Their camps are reception centers, detention centers, and temporary shelters, or in other words: facilities for storing humans.

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan: Sham Marriage (2017, 15:46)

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan: Sham Marriage (2017)

Sham marriage usually refers to marriages in which the intent of the marriage is not to live together or to start a family but to circumvent the immigration regulations. The film Sham Marriage looks at multicultural relationships through the artists’ own relationship, and by exploring representations of love through wedding-related imagery.

Sara Pathirane: The Ground Beneath Her Feet (2019, 45:50)

Sara Pathirane: The Ground Beneath Her Feet (2019)

Sara Pathirane’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet is the first in a new suite of video works in which she studies the human body in the moving image. The work is a paean to the movements of humankind and nature, to the fragility and power of nature’s elements, and to all the women who inhabit this earth. The Ground Beneath Her Feet is a silent video triptych with three characters. The choreographers Iina Taijonlahti, Suvi Tuominen and Laura Pietiläinen move in dialogue with the landscape: an ice-cold stream and a frozen swamp in eastern Lapland; cliffs faces at Petra in Jordan; 300-year-old lava fields on Lanzarote; two-billion-year-old wave patterns in the bedrock at Koli, Finland; and Kung Fu exercises at the foot of Songshan, a mountain in Henan Province, China. 

Pasi ”Sleeping” Myllymäki: Fill the Screen (2019, 17:05)

Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki: Fill the Screen (2019)

Fill the Screen shows us the nucleus of Myllymäki’s movie perception. “Movie art is a glamorous hybrid of visual arts and sound art. Movie art is not a repetition of established practices, but the search for unused possibilities.”

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen: 3 x Minispectacles Out of Tune (2020, 03:49)

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen: 3 x Minispectacles Out of Tune (2020, 03:49)

Minispectacles is a series of one-minute films, cinematic haikus. Minispectacles 45-47/100 are making the rounds with the sounds in Hungary and Switzerland. All the way to the 100min feature film. Woman with pocket camera.

Pilvi Takala: If Your Heart Wants It (Remix) (2020, 15:22)

Pilvi Takala: If Your Heart Wants It (Remix) (2020)

Taking place annually in Helsinki, SLUSH is a three-day super event that aims to invigorate the tech-startup community by bringing together entrepreneurs with venture capitalists in a party-like environment. If your heart wants it (remix) is grounded in research Takala conducted at the 2018 edition of SLUSH. Together with an interdisciplinary team and camera crew, they fabricated a startup in order to gain entry.

Jenni Toikka: Reel (2019, 07:42, in featured image)

Jenni Toikka: Reel (2019)

The formal subject of Reel is memory disorder. In the work, the observed reality of the memory diseased parallels with basic questions of visual arts – image, viewing and observing. The topic is viewed as solutions in the narrative means of moving image. Events are located in a performance-like situation in which a series of actions are viewed in different ways – from a distance, with one long shot, and reciprocally – from near, utilising cuts and angles. The piece follows the structure of the disease but, despite being illogical and unchronological, it seeks to find a way to combine the pieces of the memory diseased world into a narrative and comprehensible whole.

Jenni Toikka & Eeva-Riitta Eerola: Lighthouse (2019, 04:52)

Jenni Toikka & Eeva-Riitta Eerola: Lighthouse (2019)

We see the timeless figure of a reading woman by the pool side. The camera pans slowly past smooth white walls, warm wooden doors, onto the edge of the paved area, where the woman now sits, yet again. We are back in the first frame of the film. The man standing close by turns to face her, and frames the woman into an imaginary image, seated there, on the boundary between the built environment and the woods. She appears merely a visitor now, a fleeting presence by the pool side, whereas the reading figure radiated a calm sense of belonging. The film Lighthouse was shot on 16 mm film at Maison Louis Carré in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, central France. The focus of the work is the house designed by Alvar Aalto in 1959, commissioned by the art collector Louis Carré and his wife Olga. 

Marja Viitahuhta: Jearrat máttaráhkus (2019, 04:01)

Marja Viitahuhta: Jearrat máttaráhkus (2019)

The music video for Ánnámáret’s song “Jearrat máttaráhkus – Ask the foremothers” juxtaposes images of the Sámi past with the landscape of today. Overlaid images allow temporal layers to overlap. The pictures also show similarities between the northern landscape and the details of the Sámi costume: the nocturnal light shimmers on the frosty snow like glimmer on risku jewelry, the coat’s crimson folds and the shawl’s colors glitter like northern lights or autumn colors. The video captures ice, snow and flowing water, calling out for the memory of the landscape.

Marjo Viitala: What Is Left Unsaid (2014, 10:00)

Marjo Viitala: What Is Left Unsaid (2014)

“What is left unsaid” is a study on people’s inner speech and messages that do not get through the way we want them to.

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