New artists’ moving image in our online archive / January 2021

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Camille Auer: Seepage (2020, 33:27)

Camille Auer: Seepage (2020, 33:27)

The outer limits of a body are porous. We continuously seep into our surroundings and they seep into us. Time is a border, a boundary we lean on to. It bends around us, future seeping into past, past into future. This is an ASMR-video about presence and grooming the surfaces of a human.

Ninni Korkalo: Mission Self-Love (2020, 06:10)

Ninni Korkalo: Mission Self-Love (2020)

”B”, The Queen of the Galaxies, has saved the Earth in the future only to realise that it will be destroyed before this by its own citizens. She has to stop the negative development of self hatred among people. With her broken english she conducts an intervention. 

Tuomas A. Laitinen: Haemocyanin (2020, 08:03, in featured image)

Tuomas A. Laitinen: Haemocyanin (2019)

Haemocyanin is based on a strand of artworks and research on ecological change, consciousness, and mythologies via octopuses. Since 2016, this process has resulted to 12 glass objects made for octopuses. In Haemocyanin, the octopus is seen in interaction with the glass object. 

Sini Pelkki: Departing Shadow (2021, 17:00)

Sini Pelkki: Departing Shadow (2021)

The outlines of oneself merge into a given space. An image of shifting connections, the rhythm and movement of contemplation. A conversation between one or two. Departing Shadow examines the forming of a connection and its failure. The interaction and attempted dialogue between a space, a performer and a camera. 

Jarkko Räsänen: In Memoriam (2020, 02:23)

Jarkko Räsänen: In Memoriam (2020)

The video deals with personal grief. The artist made a camera software with Max/MSP and lit a candle. He took still photos of the candle and created abstracted animation based on them accompanied with his own ambient music. The abstraction process of the candle images opened a new universe of meanings to the final outcome. It can be seen as feminine energies or a portal.

Jarkko Räsänen: Polar Stratospheric Clouds (2020, 02:35)

Jarkko Räsänen: Polar Stratospheric Clouds (2020)

The work is inspired by reported observations of polar stratospheric clouds in Finland. They are highly colourful clouds, but their beauty is based on chemical composition that is toxic for ozone layer of Earth. The artist has created a software in Max/MSP environment that allows him to animate still photos by scaling their color values according to different mathematical operations. He has downloaded from a open licence website photos of regular clouds, animated them on dark background in neon colours and added an ambient music to the whole. The artist is interested in combining the beautiful or hypnotizing colours with dark and psychedelic atmosphere to reflect the human psyche in general.

Jarkko Räsänen: Scan (2019, 11:22)

Jarkko Räsänen: Scan (2019)

Scan is an algorithmic study of black and white photographs (both by the artist and downloaded from internet) on different kinds of spaces – open areas, forest and yards, for example. The artist has created a programme that reads the information of each photo in one pixel width slices from left to right and re-organises the information of the whole image according to the color values of a single pixel column. This process creates warped and dreamy spatial hallusinations that the monotonic ambient music accentuates. Each visible permutation is based on the original photo information only, nothing is added. This reveals the hidden beauty of a photographic file. 

Saku Soukka: Scope (2020, 23:45)

Saku Soukka: Scope (2020)

Scope consists of programmed photographs, texts and music. It deals with dissociative experience and fluidity of the human mind and the self. The ”I” and ”you” of the work merge into one at the beginning of the work. After that the human mind wanders, drifts, and associates unexpectedly. 

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