New Short Fictions in Our Archive / Spring ’22

Featured image from: Anssi Kasitonni: Le Saboteur (2022)

Discover these recent acquisitions in our online archive! For professional preview, please register to see the full-length versions.

Alisa Javits: Dialogues (2022, 15:58)

Alisa Javits: Dialogues (2022)

Dialogues is a video about drug misuse and depression. One character is ill, the other the only one who sees or knows anything. They embody the voices of many. The video is about communication, fear, hiding and action. The viewer does not always know who is thinking or speaking.

Anssi Kasitonni: Le Saboteur (2022, 11:55)

Anssi Kasitonni: Le Saboteur (2022)

An ex-saboteur gets back in the game and every trick will be exposed! A short action film about the joint adventure of indie filmmaking – with all the special effects.

Rosa Liksom: Dyve In (1990, 05:55)

Rosa Liksom: Dyve In (1990)

A young man in his armchair travels to China, Murmansk and Paris.

Rosa Liksom: Freaky Crew (1990, 02:40)

Rosa Liksom: Freaky Crew (1990)

A wintery episode on a wooden bridge in Helsinki.

Rosa Liksom: Six Feet high (1990, 03:20)

Rosa Liksom: Six Feet High

A retired archive researcher spends his lonely, melancholy days wandering around Helsinki. On the sea shore, he meets a sweet Finnish woman who wears a sari and has a newborn baby. They fall in love.

Rosa Liksom: Pietari, the Queen of Finland (F*ucking Witch) (2018, 19:18)

Rosa Liksom: of Finland (F*ucking Witch) (2018)

Pietari the Grand (f*cking witch) is tired with their work as a hostess in a gay club and wants to be more ordinary. They find a new job as a cashier in a grocery store. Being ordinary turns out impossible, as they fall in love with a customer already during their first day at new work. They use all their witchcraft to charm their crush. How does it go? 

Rosa Liksom: The Big Boss (2017, 19:55)

Rosa Liksom: The Big Boss (2017)

The robust charm of the original 1970s interiors of Hanasaari Cultural centre, a femme fatale, president Kekkonen – these are the ingredients for a mysterious encounter at the Baltic Sea. 

Rosa Liksom: Zero Robots (2021, 04:00)

Rosa Liksom: Zero Robots (2021)

A lonely robot living deep in an old-growth forest is looking for a friend. A friend is found from a production forest, and together, they set out for an adventure. They arrive in a desert rural village and settle down for a while in an abandoned house. They continue their travel and head for the city. Suddenly, they have to fight Factory Heroes. Startled, the two robot friends return to the safe old-growth forest. 

Elena Näsänen: Travel Exercises (2022, 13:10)

Travel Exercises is a short film about dreams, the desire to travel and our ability to alter the reality through imagination.

Paula Saraste: Paris (2012, 09:35)

Paula Saraste: Paris (2012)

Paris is a story about a night and an idea that emerges and disappears. It is a portrayal of a mystical encounter and a journey that lasts only till the morning.

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