New documentaries & installations in our online archive / December 2019

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Maija Blåfield: The Fantastic (2020, 29:59, in featured image)

The Fantastic is a film about imagination and encountering the unknown. Former North Koreans recount their experiences of watching forbidden foreign films. What did they imagine the outside world to be like, when instead of news outlets their information came from smuggled fiction films? The Fantastic isn’t a film about North Korea. The film reverses the set-up where westerners are peeping in on the everyday life of the closed-off state. In this film, it is the North Koreans who direct their curiosity at the outside world. Visual effects are used in addition to the documentary footage.

Minna Långström: Mars kuvien takaa (2019, 56:00)

Minna Långström: Mars kuvien takaa

Vandi Verma has an exceptional understanding of the Martian landscape because of her work as a NASA Mars mission rover driver and roboticist. Her work of operating the rover in the Martian terrain relies to a large part on images and the technological use of them. Shot at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and neighboring observatories, the film creates a philosophical journey into the peculiar world of Martian photography. Through the lenses of various scientists and engineers, we learn how NASAs’ images are made, used and manipulated for the sake of science, but also public information. Mars is the ideal place for an investigation into our paradoxical relationship to photography. Do images reflect reality or shape it?

Aimo Hyvärinen: Growing Pains (2019, 02:53)

Aimo Hyvärinen: Growing Pains

The ongoing construction work in Tampere with tramlines and other large scale buildings is seen as a huge Felliniesque circus for many years to come. The construction work is hard and practical work: building new infrastructure, roads, and coordinating this all. Old houses vanish, new skyscrapers are on their way, but also the old structures are renovated. Conclusion from all this is an urban chaos, familiar in many growth centres around the globe.

Renja Leino: Mr Amber King (2015, 23:01)

Renja Leino: Mr Amber King

Mr Amber King, charming Kazimieras Mizgiris, tells humoristically about the wonders of the legendary Baltic Amber. He himself is a well known amber enthusiast, who loves to spread the legend of amber. He even shows some strange and unusual uses for this 50 million years old fossil amber. The industry around the material is huge, so it is interesting to learn how real amber can be easily told apart from plastic imitations.

Jaakko Ruuska: My name is Laura Viljander (2018, 20:30)

Jaakko Ruuska: My name is Laura Viljander

In the end of the Finnish Civil War in 1918 the White Terror wiped off more than 18000 victims. Along with 12 others, Laura Viljander was executed in the 10th of May in 1918 in Kuusankoski. On their way to the shooting pit, a prisoner called Werner Granqvist escaped. His testimony of the event is the only known evidence of these executions.

Saku Soukka: Senses of a Blind (2013, 04:19)

Saku Soukka: Senses of a Blind

“Senses of a Blind” is a photograph projection in which photos fades in and out and sometimes they are blinking faster. The work deals with thematics of seeing, hiding and appearance – and the relation in-between human and animal in dark landscapes and places. The sound consists of field recordings.

Saku Soukka: Stream (2014, 16:06)

Saku Soukka: Stream

Stream brings up dialogue between exterior and interior as well as between movement and stagnation. Sections related to the sea, airports and to the other public transports visualise movement and nostalgia of the universe while on the other hand the character is inside “doing nothing”.

Saku Soukka: Window In-between (2017, 01:03:00)

Saku Soukka: Window In-between

The work is a photo essay to be shown in video format. It visualises the relation between human and urban environment – and the human relation to the self – through a dialogue between inside and outside spaces. Existential contemplation on the identity is present as well. The work is divided in four parts based on four seasons.

Axel Straschnoy: The Finnish Astronautical Society (2019, 33:00)

Alex Straschnoy: The Finnish Astronautical Society

The Finnish Astronautical Society is a portrait of the main astronautics organisation in Finland: the society was founded in 1959 by enthusiastic schoolboys who, inspired by the space race, set out to build the country’s first rocket. The film also explores Finnish masculinity from an immigrant’s perspective: what does it mean to assimilate and become a Finnish man?

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