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Laura Horelli: Newstime (2019, 00:39:11)

Laura Horelli: Newstime (2019)

“Newstime” is a found footage film which discusses cultural differences, being an outsider, the Namibian independence struggle, and Finland’s long-term ties with the southern African country. Ellen Namhila recites her autobiography “The Price of Freedom”. Namhila spent seven years in Tampere in the 1980s as a refugee on a scholarship, studying library science. 

Mikko Ijäs: The Origins: Fragments of the Hunt (2019, 00:58:37)

Mikko Ijäs: The Origins: Fragments of the Hunt (2019)

The Origins shows how human imagination and art evolved due to the ancient art of persistence hunting (running and tracking down animals). The film follows the lives of the Kalahari San and Mexican Raramuri people. The film is about the origins of human visual and ceremonial culture and about the struggles of the last indigenous tribes in the Kalahari and in Mexico. The musical score for this silent film is composed by Maija Kaunismaa. 

Juhani Koivumäki: The Presence (2019, 09:37)

Juhani Koivumäki: The Presence (2019)

14 people meditated eyes open in the studio conditions for 20 minutes. The director chose a specific excerpt from each meditation. The documentary short film “The presence” depicts meditation as an experience that unites people extending the unity into the viewers. Meditation can also be meditated.

Kaisu Koski: Standardized Synchronized (2019, 00:12:24)

Kaisu Koski: Standardized Synchronized (2019)

Standardized patients (SPs) work with medical students to help them practice clinical and interpersonal skills. This documentary depicts the work of the SPs in a simulation clinic, as they are being trained for various medical scenarios and perform synchronized encounters with medical students. The filmmaker also undergoes a training to become an SP.

Carolin Koss: Copper Mountains (2018, 00:44:44)

Carolin Koss: Copper Mountains (2018)

During a trip to the small town of Karabash by the Ural mountains, artist and filmmaker Carolin Koss felt compelled to capture the shocking effects of environmental pollution caused by excessive industrial exploitation. She started interviewing people, who call this seemingly post-apocalyptic place home. On her journey through the surrounding area, she encountered harrowing stories of survival, resignation, transformation and resilience. Avoiding sensationalism, Copper Mountains tells the story of a disturbing reality in achingly beautiful pictures.

Haidi Motola: Esperia part I: Last Day in Cairo (2018, 00:29:29)

Haidi Motola: Esperia part I: Last Day in Cairo (2018)

A travelogue film about looking and the human need to see and understand the world and about the limits of the sensory system as mind penetrates deeper in the matter, time and space. 

Elina Oikari: Paris Diaries (2019, 00:11:35)

Elina Oikari: Paris Diaries (2019)

A young and unsuccessful artist tries to find a theme for her short film in Paris. She gets overwhelmed by too many topics and ends up just recording the process. Paris Diaries depicts the challenges of filmmaking in an absurd and spontaneous fashion that interweaves rough interviews and personal exploration. This hybrid of a documentary and essay film captures tangibly zeitgeist of the city.

Anne Siirtola: Kudelma/ Interweave (2019, 00:11:22)

Anne Siirtola: Kudelma/ Interweave (2019)

Interweave is a video work where elderly people from Greenwich Village, New York share unforgettable memories and stories from their past. They encompass survival, immigration, miracles – and a story about secret atomic city. Those valuable invidual stories get lost very easily and with them, we lose a piece of our common history that is so often repeating itself. The work explores memory and remembering. What are the most essential memories that we choose to pass on to the next generation – What remains after all? Our hopes and fears, personal values and habits, are all influenced by the memories of our past.  The time and the mind are filtering and interweaving past life, and what remains are maybe those most remarkable memories, crystallizing one’s personal way of looking and experiencing life – each one different and valuable.

Salla Tykkä: Untitled (White – Alps) (2019, 01:06:58)

Salla Tykkä: Untitled (White – Alps) (2019)

The events of a single day in Cairo of 1954, as they unfold through the personal story of the now 97-years-old Jacques Motola. Through present-day conversations with his granddaughter, his memories of past reveal the story of an aging artist and still somewhat a man of mystery.

Markus Viljanen: Strange snow falling (2019, 00:01:15)

Markus Viljanen: Strange snow falling (2019)

Strange snow falling in the artist’s backyard.

Live event

Speech Karaoke Action Group: Speech Karaoke (2011)

Speech Karaoke Action Group: Speech Karaoke (2011)

Speech Karaoke is a technological platform and an expanding catalogue of famous (and not so famous) speeches turned into karaoke versions. During hosted club events audience can choose freely from the 600 speeches and perform them for other audience members. For the 65th International Oberhausen Short Film Festival Mika Taanila and Speech Karaoke Action Group created a set list of 51 film-related speeches. The selection ranges from well known speeches given in movies to obscure manifestos about films and film-making. This set of FILM SPEECHES is especially suitable for film festivals.

AV-arkki is a non-profit artists’ association. It was founded in 1989 and now has over 250 Finnish or Finland-based artists as its members. AV-arkki’s main purpose is to distribute Finnish media art to festivals, events, museums and galleries within Finland and internationally.