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Elina Brotherus: Der Lauf der Dinge (2017, 01:18)

Brotherus: Der Lauf der Dinge (2017)

After Fischli/Weiss, Der Lauf der Dinge, 1987

Elina Brotherus: Mirror Piece (2015, 02:04)

Brotherus: Mirror Piece (2015)

After the original script by Mieko Shiomi, 1963. 

Elina Brotherus: Prepare Coffee Using a Metronome (2017, 03:25)

Brotherus: Prepare Coffee Using a Metronome (2017)

After Tuomas Timonen, Prepare coffee (with percolator or espresso pot) and use a metronome (recommendation 208 bpm). From Pieces for Liimatainen, 2010.

Elina Brotherus: Trouser Tango (2015, 05:44)

Elina Brotherus: Trouser Tango (2015)

Tangohousut (Tango Trousers) is a collaborative project of music videos between the famous world music accordionist Maria Kalaniemi and Elina Brotherus, who filmed the footage in Mänttä, Finland, invited by Serlachius Museums. The result is like an animated photo book with music, or like an illustrated album of music. Parts:Sumu (Fog), 3’24” Marcellon teema (Marcello’s Theme), 6’12” Yö (Night), 3’37” Housutango (Trouser Tango), 5’44” Muotokuva (Portrait), 3’23” Elinan teema (Elina’s Theme), 3’16” Hiljainen järvi (Silent Lake), 6’03” Svalan, 4’12” 

Sophia Ehrnroot: 108 Beats (2018, 10:16)

Ehrnroot: 108 Beats (2018)

108 Beats (2018) is a single-channel video, in which various footballs float against a black background, pulsing to the rhythm of a heartbeat. All the footballs shown have been donated by junior football clubs in the Helsinki area. Each worn ball has had a football-loving heart practicing and dreaming with it. Number 108 has a symbolic meaning in many religions around the world: In both Buddhist and Hindu traditions 108 bead rosaries (malas) are used for prayer and meditation.

Helinä Hukkataival: Inner Beauty 2 (2019, 01:00)

Hukkataival: Inner Beauty (2019)

Inner Beauty 2 is about fitness, beauty and beauty idols. An elderly lady is doing a fitness exercise – does it work?

Jonna Kina: Akiya (2020, 04:50)

Kina: Akiya (2020)

In Akiya, a reel-to-reel tape recorder plays a song that tells a contemporary story of the increasing number of abandoned houses and buildings in Japan in the ancient style of Noh, a traditional Japanese theatrical form. The work does not show images of uninhabited buildings, but serves as a conceptual starting point for the work. The lyrics of the poem are translated to archaic Muromachi period (1333-1573) Japanese. It is based on current newspaper articles and poetic fragments, metaphysics and peculiar humour, giving character and personality to the voice we hear. The work is shot on 35mm film consisting only a single shot: showing an analog reel-to-reel tape recorder playing back the song against a neutral background. The song is associated with the machine rather than the human. The performer becomes a machine and the machine becomes a performer. The work creates a future mythology or a dialogue between past and present by juxtaposing the traditional storytelling form with a contemporary interpretation of the current phenomenon of desolate houses.

Ninni Korkalo: Black, Red, White Diaries (2018, 09:45)

Korkalo: Black, Red, White Diaries (2018, 09:45)

One has hair black as ebony tree, other skin white as snow. Video art piece about Cross-generational experiences, gender, sexuality, black and white. How can Snow Whites rewrite, reinterpret and mess -up the messed up story.

Ninni Korkalo: Envy Interviews (2018, 03:57)

Korkalo: Envy Interviews (2018)

Snow White interviews random people about “envy” in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Rikard Lassenius: Reptiles (2011, 05:05)

Lassenius: Reptiles (2011)

A work based on Peter Mickwitz’s poem dealing with a destructive relationship.

Jukka Lehtinen: Mirage (2018, 06:54)

Lehtinen: Mirage (2018)

Experimental and humorous short film about the everyday life in a nursing home.

Jukka Lehtinen: Transit Logistics (2016, 01:53)

Lehtinen: Transit Logistics (2016)

In the spring 2016, refugees and asylum seekers were moved to Turkey. The Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä was interviewed on news. He said that it is only a logistic operation that will go fine. On this movie, people have just left a truck and are walking in straight line to wait for the next truck to Europe or the return to homeland.

Miracle Workers Collective: The Killing of Čáhcerávga (2019, 30:53)

Miracle Workers: The Killing of Čáhcerávga (2019)

Miracle Workers Collective’s film work The Killing of Čáhcerávga (2019) is a collision of five different short films that, together, tell a disjointed, communal narrative. Employing a call-and-response strategy, the film expresses a politicised dialogue around indigeneity, movement, and migration in contemporary Europe. The collective share an interest in exploring the potentiality in disciplinary disobedience. Travelling through dreamscapes, lonely snowy plains, absurdist capitalist underwaters, greenhouse gardens, and desert landscapes, the film stretches into a practice of impossible spatial rules, strange dialogue practices, and inconclusive, unresolved scenic endings.

Anneli Nygren: Demon Salvador (2019, 02:45)

Nygren: Demon Salvador (2019)

Nummenmäki Vampires, band from notorious suburb of Turku, Finland, present their song Demon Salvador.

Anneli Nygren: Jonne 59 at Baby Exhibition (2019, 12:19)

Anneli Nygren: Jonne 59 at Baby Exhibition (2019)

Rockstar and YouTuber Jonne 59 visits a baby themed exhibition, exhibition of childless artists discussing “baby” as a cultural phenomenon.

Marika Orenius: Black & White (2019, 07:22)

Orenius: Black & White (2019)

Black & White is an essayistic and self reflective video. In her workspace, the artist contemplates her idealism and possibilities to influence as an individual and an artist. Behind the main scene, there is a young activist ready to die for her idea. The historical reference assimilates dangers of totalitarian extremism, passive acceptance, and chaotic communication at the present time. What are the consequences of adapting to language, environment, communication, knowledge, tradition, biological heritage, and social culture?

Jarkko Räsänen: Flush (2019, 04:17)

Räsänen: Flush (2019)

Experimental short film that has been created by distorting found footage from internet by a self-made structural algorithm. The music is composed by the artist.

Jarkko Räsänen: Prayer (2005, 03:10)

Räsänen: Prayer (2005)

A documentation of a moment of prayer, where God is being prayed in Finnish and in unrecognizable language to fix the artist’s unequal leg length. 

Martta Tuomaala: Under Pressure (2019, 20:05, in featured image)

Tuomaala: Under Pressure (2019)

What does it take to be a feminist today? Under Pressure deals with intersectionality and the complexity of privileges and power relations. In the artwork, statistical facts about discrimination against women in Finland are intertwined with metaphorical and fictional storytelling based on real life situations. The artwork made in collaboration with artist Sepideh Rahaa.

Marja Viitahuhta: Everything Is Temporary (2020, 05:45)

Viitahuhta: Everything Is Temporary (2020)

A minimalistic video piece with the image of breaths on a cold winter night becoming visual as waves and steam, twirling and layered in air. The original image is modified with effects that point to the digital nature of the material as well as make the image resemble a canvas, film, the surface of the moon or waves of the ocean. The soundtrack is a collage composed from various modified clips of breathing and wind instruments, all found online.

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