New Animations in Our Archive / Fall ’21

Featured image: Marja Viitahuhta: Dolat (2021)

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Dave Berg: The Incredible Beauty of Forgetting (2021, 11:09)

Dave Berg: The Incredible Beauty of Forgetting (2021)

A story of the consequences of the past unprocessed pictured in a dystopian dream.

Petteri Cederberg: Evolution in Standstill (2021, 05:25)

Petteri Cederberg: Evolution in Standstill (2021)

The animation contemplates the effects of isolation and forced standstill on the life of an individual. During the prolonged isolation the view shifts from the world and future inwards. Where one actually is and what has one achieved in one’s life? What will remain from all of it? After the constant movement and change staying still will result in a great leap forward. The evolution in standstill.

Leena Lehti: Taiga (2021, 02:41)

Leena Lehti: Taiga (2021)

Elegy to the boreal forest. With the warming climate, the borders of different life zones move towards the North, and the conifer as we know it is changing and disappearing. Taiga is made on 16mm film without camera. It combines hand scratched animation with real tiny plants and moss collected in subarctic region in Finland.

Arttu Nieminen: Ultima Kaltio (2021, 06:00)

Arttu Nieminen: Ultima Kaltio (2021)

The hypnotically pulsed bottom sediment of a spring in the middle of wilderness is enchanting its viewer. It vibrates with seductive energy that invites us to another realm under the earth. Witnessing the hypnotic experience makes the mirroring surface of the viewer’s soul to bend. 

Leena Pukki: The Time of a Slime Mold (2021, 09:50)

Leena Pukki: The Time of a Slime Mold (2021)

The movement of slime mold is combined with pattern subjects selected from Karelian thread blankets. Slime molds are primitive Amoebozoa organisms that can move even they do not have a brain or nervous system. The poem heard in the background expresses themes of time, circulation and decomposing.

Leena Pukki: In Search of Perfection (2019, 16:25)

Pukki: In Search of Perfection (2019)

What do we strive for when we look for a better appearance? What are the features that make a face unattractive or attractive? What is desirable, unwanted, or normal? “In Search of Perfection” is a clay animation about the perceptions of beauty and body modification. The artwork visualizes a beauty ideal through animation and interviews made with plastic surgeons. The film reflects what a perfect face looks like, as the plasticine version of artist’s head is molded slowly towards this beauty ideal, following the surgeons’ comments. 

Marja Viitahuhta: Dolat (2021, 04:43)

Marja Viitahuhta: Dolat (2021)

“When we pass from this world to another, the flames of our ancestors will be waiting for us.” – Ánnámáret. A video work with the yolk Dolat by Ánnámáret, from her album “Nieguid duovdagat”. In the video, embers and fire particles twirl in the air, transforming and dancing and swirling in the dark. The imagery has been layered with effects and animation to create an illusion of reality transforming into dreamlike, imaginary visions, brought about with the song and the hypnotism of looking at the fire. Fire is at the root of human culture, as a tool, but also as a place for social gatherings and storytelling. The yoik and the visual material of the video are based on its symbolism and power. However, as well as speaking about people’s bond with fire, this yoik is about lineage; of our temporal existence and belonging to a long line of our predecessors and our successors. The video, via its own means, visualises the yoik’s message.

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