Mox Mäkelä’s films screened in Italy and United States

Mox Mäkelä’s short film Host Sapiens (2018) will be screened at Maletestashort Film Festival, held in Italy from August 22–30. Host Sapiens is part of the same film cycle than Mäkelä’s feature-length audio play movie Strange (2018), screened in the online version of the 5th Sacramento Underground Film & Arts Festival, held from July 23–26.

Mox Mäkelä’s Host Sapiens is an experimental ecocritical video art poem. “Mass extinction is here. Our plate will be soon bigger than our planet. Our choice.”

“The ‘Strange’ will enter a house of the human world, with the trophy hall and tableware supported by the masses.” The audio play film ”Strange” is a satirical but also tragic story about the visit, the motives of the reception and the destiny where the selected road takes you. The exceptional narrative is a combination of audio play and moving image from an era when structures based on crazy dreams begin to crumble.

Mox Mäkelä (b. 1958) is a conceptual artist active since 1978. Mäkelä’s art has been shown widely in different venues and contexts, e.g. in the Maritime museum of Finland and at international film and art festivals. In her ecocritical films and installations, Mäkelä examines the clash between nature and human nature within the marine milieu. Another part of her oeuvre is “idiot ibidem”, a long-term extended project that studies a literary historical chain of events with full methodological freedom and diversity.

Maletestashort Film Festival, August 22–30 2020, Italy

More information: Maletestashort Film Festival