Mox Mäkelä’s Andjust and Jenni & Lauri Luhta’s The Deluge awarded at Innuendo Film Festival

Mox Mäkelä’s Andjust (2020, in featured image) and Jenni and Lauri Luhta’s The Deluge were awarded at Innuendo Film Festival, held from October 27-30 2021 in Milan, Italy. Andjust was awarded as the best experimental film while The Deluge was awarded for the best production design.

The sacred satire of the “stand art” host and great stuff before they become dust. The viewer gets to tour the house of the old man, Andjust. The film reflects the twins of world literature, Gogol’s Plushkin (The Dead Souls), as well as Dickens ’Scrooge (The Christmas Carol). The film Andjust is a rare, lush and cheeky fruit in the chaos of our pure era. Its nectar can cause a glutton, accustomed to the heights of cool touring, to hit its nose in a puddle of reflections in the power of a strange burst. 

Syndafloden (The Deluge) is the first joint full-length film by Jenni and Lauri Luhta. The work is visual-cinematic, realised wholly through digital collage technique. The film’s script is based on the prophecies and riddles of Leonardo da Vinci’s work diaries. The Deluge looks into the crises of the present world through Leonardo’s visions, and the unique translations of Leonardo’s fragments used in the film were made in collaboration with visual artist and translator Magnus Strandberg. Jenni Luhta is the film’s narrator, with Lauri Luhta as her antagonist, and recites Leonardo’s prophecies in Swedish. Syndafloden is in Swedish language, because the character of the narrator is inspired by the medieval figure of Death in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. The filmmakers have also been inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s last film Offret (The Sacrifice), which was filmed in Sweden.

Innuendo Film Festival, October 27-30 2021, Milan, Italy

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