Minna Rainio’s and Mark Roberts’ To Teach a Bird to Fly screened in Leeds and Londons

Minna Rainio’s and Mark Roberts’ To Teach a Bird to Fly (2020) is included in the programme of In Short, Europe: Awakening short film festival. The screenings of To Teach a Bird to Fly will take place on Saturday, April 22, in Everyman Cinemas, Leeds, and on Saturday, May 13, in Ciné Lumière Institut Français Royaume-Uni, London.

To Teach a Bird to Fly is an inspiring ecological docu-fiction. A woman spends her youth raising the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis – eventually flying with the birds on their migration journey across the alps. As her story unfolds, a parallel narrative connects her actions with the effects of the climate crisis, offering us a lifeline of hope for a very different future.

Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts create short films and moving image installations that combine aspects of documentary and fiction filmmaking. Their new short film “To Teach a Bird to Fly” (2020) looks at climate change and bird extinction. Rainio and Roberts’s films have been widely exhibited in Finland, Europe, the United States and South America, and have been shown in the official selections of numerous international film festivals.

In Short, Europe: Awakening, April 22–23 and May 12–13 2023, Leeds and London, UK

More information: In Short, Europe: Awakening