Minna Långström’s The Other Side of Mars and Mika Taanila’s Patent Nr. 314805 screened in Paris

Minna Långström’s The Other Side of Mars (2019) and Mika Taanila’s Patent No. 314805 (2020) will be screened in the IF Screening N°25 at Institut Finlandais in Paris, France. The screening will take place on Thursday, June 10 at 20:00 local time.

Shot at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and neighboring observatories, Långstöm’s The Other Side of Mars (shown in featured image) creates a philosophical journey into the peculiar world of Martian photography. Through the lenses of various scientists and engineers, we learn how NASA’s images are made, used and manipulated for the sake of science, but also public information. Mars is the ideal place for an investigation into our paradoxical relationship to photography. Do images reflect reality or shape it?

Minna Långström is a media artist who works with short film and installation. Through visual experimentation, her works often deal with screen based visual culture in relation to the subjective human experience. Some of her participatory installations focus on social perspectives on technologically mediated narratives, while her more recent short films and immersive installations deal with certain political histories – and their influences on the present.

Mika Taanila: Patent Nr. 314805 (2020)

In Taanila’s Patent Nr. 314805, all images and sounds are produced from the surviving test materials originally created in 1914. Finnish engineer Eric Tigerstedt solved the dilemma of sound-on-film already before World War I.

Mika Taanila is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He works with documentaries, experimental film and visual arts. Human engineering, utopias, failures and man-machines are recurring themes in his films and installations. 

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IF Screening N°25, 10 June 2021, Paris, France

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