Sasha Huber’s Space Race in a group exhibition at Ballarat International Photo Biennale, Australia

Sasha Huber’s Space Race is installed in a group exhibition To the Moon and Back, open from August 24 to October 20 in Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum, Australia. The exhibition is part of the core programme of Ballarat International Photo Biennale.

Space Race (2018) is a mesmerising video work that transports the audience to Mars and the Moon, through 3D visualisation. Planetary entities are brought up close and personal, and we are allowed to visit the exact spots named after Agassiz – the ridges and dust haunted by Earth’s dark histories. Facing this cosmic colonisation, where racist values are bound through naming to the surface of celestial bodies, we are caught in the complex web of human time/logic.

Sasha Huber (b. in 1975 in Zurich) is a visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Questioning her roots, her research focuses on the process of building their personal and artistic identity through media such as video, photography, compressed-air stapling, performance-based interventions and book publishing. Committed artist, she works since several years on the project “Demounting Louis Agassiz” which consist in renaming Mount Agassizhorn whose origin comes from Louis Agassiz (1807-1873), Swiss naturalist who developed racist theories, to rename it in Rentyhorn in tribute to the slave, Renty and of those who met similar fates. She participated in numerous international exhibitions, including the 56th La Biennale di Venezia in 2015.

To the Moon and Back, August 24 to October 20 2019, Ballarat International Photo Biennale, Australia

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