AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue for 2020-2021 is now available online!

Our catalogue offers a diverse portrait of recent single channel art works by artists and filmmakers based in Finland.

AV-arkki’s Distribution Catalogue 2020-2021 is intended for professional preview. The catalogue is distributed via AV-arkki’s international distribution programme for professional audiences in numerous events, film festivals and art fairs worldwide.

Single channel works have been selected for the Distribution Catalogue 2020-2021 by guest curator Ingel Vaikla (Estonia / Belgium), together with AV-arkki’s staff.

The selection consists of the following titles:

Timo Bredenberg: Liquidity (2020|08:40)

Jussi Eerola: Blue Honda Civic (2020|10:45)

Saara Ekström, Shadow Codex (2020|12:30)

Liinu Grönlund & Okku Nuutilainen: Observe These Words (2020|07:24)

Eeva-Mari Haikala: Eeva-Mari’s cries etc. (2020|12:22)

Marja Helander: Suodji (2020|04:25)

Honkasalo – Niemi – Virtanen Collective: Atomic (2020|11:53)

Hannu Karjalainen: Daemon (2020|11:53)

Yassine Khaled: Monitor Man in the Time of Pandemic (2021|18:23)

Marjo Levlin: Ellipsis (2020|28:15)

Jaakko Pietiläinen: Shrouds Have No Pockets (2021|29:40)

Niina Suominen: What Time Is? (2020|07:15)

Maija Tammi: The Problem of the Hydra (2020|09:40)

Maija Timonen: Correct Distance (2020|39:47)

Jenni Toikka: Reel (2019|07:32)

The whole catalogue can be found on our website. Please register for our online service for access to the full-length previews. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Featured image from Liinu Grönlund & Okku Nuutilainen: Observe These Words (2020)