Jenni Luhta’s and Lauri Luhta’s The Deluge awarded for the Best Writing at Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Jenni Luhta’s and Lauri Luhta’s feature-length fiction film The Deluge (2020) was awarded for the Best Writing at Austin Arthouse Film Festival, held online from December 26–31 2021. The film was also nominated for the Best Arthouse film and the Best Editing.

The Deluge is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s more than 500-year-old prophecies and riddles, which in the film are narrated by Swedish-speaking Death, played by Jenni Luhta. The film shows the crises of the present world and the images of contemporary culture through Leonardo’s words and visions.

Jenni Luhta (née Markkanen) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. She produces pictures primarily by digital image-processing. Out of the images she constructs video and installation works, the writer and narrator of which she herself acts as. Additionally, Luhta writes aphorisms, performs speeches and plays live and composes music. She works with her husband Lauri Luhta.

Austin Arthouse Film Festival, December 26–31 2021, U.S. & online

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