Submit your new title(s) for our next festival catalogue

We invite our member artists to submit their new title(s) for AV-arkki’s distribution catalogue 2022-2023, deadline Monday, July 31! For the catalogue, we are looking for primarily single channel works that will be released in 2022 or 2023. The works can be in post-production phase or lacking some finishing touches but they must be already previewable.

The distribution catalogue is mainly aimed for festival distribution and other screenings and is a showcase of the newest works in our distribution. All new single channel works submitted to AV-arkki’s online service after September 1 2021 will be considered automatically – you do not need to submit them again! This call for works applies also to submissions for our online archive.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, July 31 2022. With this same call for works, we are inviting artists to submit also older works for our online archive. The Archiving committee will make their decisions in early autumn. 

The visiting curator for our next distribution catalogue is Vivien Buchhorn

Vivien Buchhorn (in featured image) is a film/art historian and curator. Her research interests currently focus on transnational cinematographies and artworks, as well as questions regarding their archiving. Therefor she initiated a new archive for the filmmaker Sohrab Shahid Saless, which will be accompanied with new restorations and a publication in 2023. Vivien Buchhorn curates film series, accompanies international film productions and regularly publishes film and exhibition reviews. After several years as program manager of Berlin Critics’ Week, she became programmer of the International Womens’ Film Festival Cologne + Dortmund in 2021 and established “A Matter of Form” – a program consisting of discussions and films facing questions of new aesthetic approaches in the sphere of cinema.

Submitting your works for our distribution catalogue and online archive

AV-arkki’s staff and a visiting curator choose 10‒15 works for the catalogue. We try to negotiate the best possible screening slot or a premiere for the individual works selected into the catalogue. AV-arkki offers its member artists’ works to hundreds of events each year. Given the number of events alone, we have to limit the number of works in distribution. There are over 250 member artists and AV-arkki’s resources are limited. Therefore, works have to be prioritised. Pre-selection also enhances the probability of a single work being selected for screening. An international festival is offered thousands of works every year. It makes more sense for a distributor to offer a pre-selected range of works suited to the festival’s profile than to inundate the festival with options.

AV-arkki promotes and archives also older works in various forms: installations, live works and online based art. Our online archive is a versatile library and database of Finnish media art. Several international and domestic curators, programmers, researches and other professional are interested in our archive in its depth and breadth. We send all single channel acquisition for long-time preservation to the National Audiovisual Institution (KAVI) on a yearly basis. 

Submit your works for the selection process of our next distribution catalogue and our online archive with this form before July 31!. We need a preview link and basic information of the work. We will ask master files and stills in August/September, after the selections have been made. We kindly ask you to deliver the requested materials promptly after you receive our confirmation email. 

More information in our FAQ