Nina-Maria Oförsagd’s Bar 2000 premieres in Tokyo

Nina-Maria Oförsagd’s new film Bar 2000 (2023, in featured image) premieres on Friday November 3, 2023 at 7pm in Tokyo, Japan. The screening will take place at TIME SHARING 3A, Shibuya, Jinnan and is hosted by the Finnish Institute in Japan. The director Nina-Maria Oförsagd as well as one of the film’s actors Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo will be present to talk about the production process of the film shot in Tokyo.

“The story of the two lovers is a script about estrangement, but it is also a movement in the gap between cultures and gender. The characters’ expressions have been shaped through performance – but also the location as a character is an important part of the narration and the story. The visual narration has borrowed impressions from the idiom of comic books: the graphic narration with words as text bubbles. The sound world includes music by the alternative, Finnish jazz/folk band Barlast and the musician Philip Holm.”

Nina-Maria Oförsagd makes experimental films, videos and live cinema containing sound, music, poetry, and performance. She works multidisciplinarily in collaboration with different artists. Oförsagd observes her surroundings looking for places with different character and historical layers to create a story. The method is improvisation – reaction at site in collaboration with the actor, performance artist. Oförsagd has exhibited and created her works in Europe and Asia. She received Finnish Art Society William touring prize 2019 and Stina Krooks Stiftelse Art Prize 2017.

Nina-Maria Oförsagd, Bar 2000 World premiere, November 3, 2023, Tokyo, Japan

More information: Finnish Institute in Japan