AV-arkki’s Screening at Oberhausen Short Film Festival

AV-arkki will present a distributor’s screening at Oberhausen Short Film Festival, held from May 11–16. AV-arkki’s screening is a compilation of recent short films in distribution and takes place on May 13 at 22:30 in Lichtburg Filmpalast Sunset.

The titles included in the screening are:

Petteri Cederberg: With Colour – With Sound (2016, 05:28)

The stop motion animation is the artist’s personal attempt to portray infinity “with colour – with sound”. Each frame of the animation is a painting or a drawing. The soundtrack is composed of manipulated recordings.

Jan Ijäs: Social Connection (2016, 12:58)

The film’s dialogue has been copied from online forums as is, with no editing. Many times these “faceless” online conversations end up to a very surreal limbo.

Elena Näsänen: Whoosh (2016,07:50)

Sometimes you need to step into the unknown to confront yourself. An old Art Nouveau villa attracts a 17-year-old girl. She escapes from school’s drawing class to explore the villa more closely.

Carolin Koss: Plastic Child (2016, 12:08)

Plastic Child is about a journey of a child who lives in a contaminated plastic world. He is the heir to a single living plant which gives him the air to breath and eventually delivers hope for the humankind.

Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko: Remedies – Rongoã (2016, 06:00)

There is a long tradition for various methods for healing – the individual, the collective, society or nature. Artists Huber and Saarikko choreographed this performance or video action during a residency in Wellington, New Zealand, much inspired by the local Maori culture, but also by the imminent threat of nature – earthquake and tsunami – against a city which is located on the very edge of a potential disaster. The participants of the collective performance are also co-authors of the work.

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen: Minispectacles – Albuquerque Straight (2016, 06:09)

Minispectacles is a series of one minute works, cinematic haikus. Albuquerque Straight visits a man and a lynx on the Route 66. To be continued all the way to Part 100. Woman with a pocket camera.

Minna Suoniemi: Horizontal Dance (2016, 02:46)

Leopard-covered legs into limbs of living flesh, trying to hang in there, to exist through human body. Animal in disguise, or human dressed to allow the animal to emerge. A hypnotic opening, beat boxing mouth, partying puma. This body, this bodily existence, have it, own it, want it, move it. Move.

Samuli Alapuranen: Drag Me to Kempele (2017, 08:00)

Kempele is a grey hole located in the northern part of Finnish Ostrobothnia. It neither pulls in or pushes away the flow of traffic that trickles through it via the E4 motorway. It is ordinary. It is flat. It is very difficult to come up with any more adjectives describing it. Drag Me to Kempele is a portrait of a mediocre town where people shop, exercise or drive through on their way to North or South. You can visit Kempele at 64.9129° N 25.5035° E.

Minna Suoniemi: Horizontal Dance (2016)

Minna Suoniemi: Horizontal Dance (2016)

AV-arkki’s director Hanna Maria Anttila will present the screening. Anttila’s own short documentary film Last Birds (2016) was also selected in the International Competition 10 on Tuesday, May 16, at 14:30 and 17:00. She will also attend the meeting of DINAMO, the distribution network of artists’ moving image organisations.

Experimental short films by AV-arkki’s member artists were selected in the International Competition

Mika Taanila: Branches (2017)

Mika Taanila: Branches (2017)

Mika Taanila‘s Branches (2017) is an anaglyph 3D short film and a woody observation case in Helsinki through early 1950s newsreel footage. Four locations in shots, accompanied by four tape loops and four locked-groove vinyls. Branches will be screened on Friday, May 12, at 14:30 and on Saturday, May 13, at 10:30, in the International Competition 2.

Ewa Górzna’s and Katarzyna Miron’s Encounter  (2016) is a short film reflecting on the human desire to approach, understand and experience an animal in the wilderness. It depicts an unusual situation where the animal is the observer and the human is being observed. Encounter is included in the International Competition 1, screened on Friday, May 12, at 12:30 and 22:30.

Oberhausen Short Film Festival, May 11–16, 2017, Germany

More information: Oberhausen Short FF

AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.