AV-arkki will host two INFO seminars for member artists in January

As a follow-up for our first AV-arkki INFO seminars held in October 2020, we will host two online seminars for our member artists in January 2022. The seminars will be held in English. The sign-up for the attendees is open, please fill in this form.

In the first session on Wednesday, January 19 at 15:00, we will walk through the procedure “how to get my works in AV-arkki’s online archive” from our open calls and artistic peer review to delivering your materials promptly. The seminar will be hosted by programme coordinator Tytti Rantanen and archive coordinator Vesa Puhakka.

The second session on Wednesday, January 26 at 15:00, focuses on festival distribution: where to start, how to proceed, what to avoid? The seminar will be hosted by programme coordinator Tytti Rantanen.

The seminars will be held in Zoom and the link will be sent to the attendees before the seminars. Also, if you cannot attend, we can send you the link afterwards. The attendees are encouraged to ask questions in both seminars or send them beforehand with the sign-up form.

If you would like to receive the video documentation of the four previous AV-arkki INFO sessions (in Finnish), please contact programme coordinator Tytti Rantanen.