Sari Nordman’s Assembling at Art in Odd Places, New York

Sari Nordman’s Assembling (2019) is part of the programme at Art in Odd Places, a grassroots art event taking place in New York, from May 13–16.

This performative work highlights female-identifying performers. They assemble on the cobblestones of a NYC street struggling to stay comfortable against the hard, uneven rock and concrete surfaces. Their reclining bodies shift slowly and awkwardly over a course of time and reflect on reforming the NYC landscape. Nordman is interested in juxtaposing soft and hard, slow and fast. She is interested in the female experience in the world mostly defined by men.

Sari Nordman is a NYC-based interdisciplinary artist working with dance, video, installation and poetry. She loves to travel to the isolated parts of the world to reflect on nature, history and female experience, the recurring themes in her works. She contemplates nature in specific locations and combined with her personal sense research juxtaposes feminine mystique with environmental anxieties. Her works have been shown e.g. in The Immigrant Artists Biennial, Jamaica Flux and Performance Mix Festival exhibitions in NYC in 2020-21. 

Art in Odd Places, May 13–16 2021, New York

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