Azar Saiyar’s My Home screened at AricaDoc, Chile

Azar Saiyar’s My Home (2022) was screened at AricaDoc documentary film festival, held from September 28 – October 9 2022 in Chile. Saiyar’s short documentary was screened on Saturday, October 8 in Ex Cine Colón.

“A bee stung me on my finger. It happened yesterday in the yard of a kindergarten, even though I am not in kindergarten anymore.” In My Home, Fragmented memories of childhood and adulthood blend together in a song that an unknown narrator is humming. In a sixties TV show children are learning a new game. Someone is waiting in the hallway for a permission to re-enter the classroom. Everything is set. Everything is nailed.

Azar Saiyar is a Helsinki-based filmmaker and visual artist. She often uses archive materials and plays with images and words of collective memory to look towards ways of looking, remembering and storytelling. Her films have been screened at international film and media art festivals, galleries, exhibitions, museums and broadcast on television.

My Home is distributed in collaboration between AV-arkki and Raina Film Festival Distribution.

AricaDoc, September 28 – October 9 2022, Chile

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AV-arkki has promoted and distributed Finnish media art since 1989. AV-arkki’s promotional efforts have made the artists’ participation in this event possible.