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Drive With Care
Drive With Care
Drive With Care
Drive With Care

Drive with Care investigates the life of a teacher at an elite boarding school in the US. Utilising dry-humoured post-documentation of staged activity, Takala examines the boundaries within this particular community. The project explores people’s strategies for survival as faculty members in the school negotiate their own space within the institution, finding loopholes – places to breathe – while being careful not to violate the shared rules.

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English title / Drive With Care
Teoksen nimi suomeksi / Drive With Care
Original title / Drive With Care
Keywords / narrator, schools (educational institutions), rules
Type / Single channel
Genre / documentary, experimental
Country / United States
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:13:00
Language / English
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2014
Cast / Pilvi Takala (Director), Amos Andersonin Museo / - (Funder), Alfred Kordelin Foundation / - (Funder), Stina Krook Foundation / - (Funder), Pilvi Takala (Author)
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