Jaakko Pietiläinen

Born: 1986


Jaakko Pietiläinen is a Helsinki-based artist working cross disciplinarily between visual arts, performance and contemporary dance and theatre, utilising different materials and media, ranging from video to spatial interventions. Pietiläinen’s works are often site and/or situation specific, operating in an interplay of the factual (or the real) and fictional narratives. Pietiläinen is interested in the technological infrastructures of contemporary cultures, how they subtly reshape realities and how they malfunction and create novel, uncanny aesthetic distortions. Lately he has been working with architectural thematics. Some of his latest works include a permanent public sculpture ‘Invited Guests’ to Nikkilä, Sipoo (2019), a solo exhibition ‘Housing Fair’ at gallery Sorbus (2018), Helsinki and a collective performance ‘PET’ in Kiasma, Helsinki 2017.

3 works