Lisätietoa Teokset / LSD Kallo

LSD Skull

Concept: LSD Skull is a minimalistic video installation, depicting the image of a human skull, set to an ambient soundscape. The work can be considered as a modern day update of the vanitas tradition, which has been a part of art history for hundreds of years. The theme is still relevant today, especially in this world of pop idols and big egos. It is always good to remind ourselves that our time here on earth is limited and thus learn to focus on what is really important in our lives. The name LSD Skull not only refers to the psychedelic colours of the skull but also refers to our quest for altered states of consciousness. The image is reminiscent of a medical brain scan when a person is under the influence of LSD. We seek escape from our everyday world and we seek oblivion. Is death our final state of consciousness, our last trip? The calming nature of the video enables the viewers to take “time out” and perhaps reflect on the nature of their own being. The beauty of the image seduces the viewer and the fluid movement has a hypnotic effect. If the viewer spends some time with the piece, they can experience an almost Zen like state. The work becomes an existential meditation on life and death.

Lisätietoa ja esikatselumateriaalia tästä teoksesta saa henkilökunnaltamme.

Teoksen alkuperäinen nimi / LSD Skull
Teoksen nimi englanniksi / LSD Skull
Asiasanat / kuolema, värit, digitaalinen taide
Tyyppi / Installaatio
Genre / Installaatio
Maa / Suomi
Kuvasuhde / 4:3
Kesto / 00:29:00
Kieli / Ei dialogia
Ääniformaatti / Stereo
Valmistumisvuosi / 2011
Työryhmä / Eric Hynynen (Leikkaaja), Eric Hynynen (Musiikki), Eric Hynynen (Tekijä)
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